Warburtons Company Case Analysis

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Warburtons is a private limited company.

The Warburtons family owns all the shares of the Warburtons Company. The warburtons shares cannot be sold in the stock exchange or advertised for sale publicly through newspapers. If shares need to be sold they need to be sold privately with the agreement of all of the other shareholders but first they would have had to be offered to the other shareholders.

Private limited companies have a limit to their liability. Waarburtons being private limited means that they have a limit to there responsibility for the debts of the business.

If the business does go in to debt they only risk losing the money, which they have put into and invested in the company. They will not lose their personal possessions like in other ownerships. The Warburtons liability is limited because it is a private limited company. This means that nobody is liable for the debts if it went into insolvency the company owners would only lose the money that it put into the business. They wouldn’t lose their possession in which they own. This is because they have limited liability and are incorporated. But Warburtons do have public liability insurance in case anything bad does happen.

Warbutons Bakery Business Analysis

Warburtons chosen being a limited company because it works best for them. It is the most convenient method of ownership for them.

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This is because of the liability. If Warburton lose everything they wouldn’t become bankrupt they would be come insolvent. They would only become insolvent if they didn’t pay their bills or can’t sell anymore. Only Private limited companies and Public limited companies can claim insolvency. This is because they both have limited liability and are only liable for the debts of the company to the value of their share holdings in the Warburtons Company.

If the warburtons company was a partnership it would have unlimited liability and could become bankrupt if it doesn’t pay its bills. If one of the Warburtons family died or became bankrupt the partnership would have to be dissolved. So warburtons being private limited works out best because it is safer for the owners. If warburtons wasn’t a private limited company I think that being a Public Limited Company would work. I think that being a Public Limited Company would work out for them. This is because the Warburtons Company would still have their limited liability.

If they have limited liability they can claim insolvency. If warburtons became a public limited company the Warburtons family would own it anymore though. It would be owned by the general public and shareholders so it would be a family baker anymore. Being owned by a partnership would work out well because they are a family and all could be joint owners of the company, but they would no longer have limited liability they would have unlimited liability and if they couldn’t pay there bills they would become bankrupt, and could lose everything they own.

The best ownership for Warburtons is what they currently have. That is being a private limited company because it suits all of there required needs. War burtons location is mainly in the center of England. It has a one bakery and depot in Scotland and has one depot in Wales apart from that it has no other bakeries in Wales and Scotland. So from that you can expect them not to trade in Scotland or Wales. Also Warburtons have no bakeries or depots in the south or east of England so they don’t sell there.

But Warburtons are in the process of building a new bakery in the London area. Here is a map showing the locations of the bakeries and depots also showing the areas in which Warburtons trade in: The locations for all of the bakeries are good. They are built by good transport links so it can deliver to most of the U. K. mainland. From how many bakeries and depots Warburtons own they are still able to sell and serve more than 60% of the U. K. mainland. Being in the location that they are in helps it serve the U. K.

When the plant in Enfield is finished it will open them up to sell products in the south east of England something, which they haven’t done before. But for Warburtons to fill in its main goal which is “to be Britain favorite baker” it is bakeries and depots in the south, the east, required for them to open up more Scotland and Wales area until it does this it will not be Britain favorite baker and it will not complete there mission statement. The locations of the Warburton bakers help the company and doesn’t hinder them.

Warburtons Structure The Warburtons business consists of many different departments in order for it to be successful. All of these are linked together and require each other to work and make Warburtons a successful company. Here are the main departments, which make Warburtons what it is today: Marketing- accesses the market place and develops the customer’s needs and requirements. Also to promote new products. These are in charge of the adverts, which we see on the television.

Product Development- This department is in charge and involved in developing and improving there products which they sell, whether it aims to improve ingredients of an existing product or create a new one. Van Sale Driver- This involves delivering orders from the factory where the product is baked to the supermarket shelves and independent stores like cash and carries. This is the crucial part of the working team. If it fails the company will lose their money and a load of bread will go to waste. Sales Development- This team involves selling there products to the supermarket e.

g. ) ASDA, Safeway, Tesco etc, and making sure that they close the deal. Also they have to make sure that the bread is on the supermarket shelves on time. This again is a crucial job because they are the ones who sell the bread. Customer Service- This involves dealing with their customers on a daily basis. This could involve answering telephone calls, which is the most common one, replying to letters or emails. These don’t just deal with complaints from customers the customer care unit also deals with question, queries and of course complaints.

Human Resource Officer- This part of the company is involved in dealing with the Warburtons labor work force. The department is involved in interviewing new workers, disciplinary procedures, advisory management, law issues etc. Operations- This department involves sorting out and organizing the operation and distribution. Warburtons has the largest fleet of delivery vehicles in the country. They involve ensuring that there product arrives at the shop on time and in good sellable condition suitable for selling the product.

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