VisionThe vision of Saudi Aramco company for 2020 is that the


The vision of Saudi Aramco company for 2020 is that the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company, centered on increasing financial gain, facilitating the property and heterogeneous growth of the Kingdom’s economy, and facultative a globally competitive and spirited Saudi energy sector.

1- They will reinforce the leading state of affairs in oil and gas exploration and production. However, they already a world-leading and reliable provider of crude product to markets across the planet. However, with this vision, they will hinge upon this success and improve each side of our upstream operations.

they already discovered new gas and oil fields, and with large capital investment in standard an unconventional, we have a tendency to arrange to increase our gas production – serving to the dominion grow whereas supporting the soundness of the markets, in addition as meeting world and native energy demands.

2- Therefore they will integrate the business across the organic compound worth chain to make impact,

Aramco wants to maximize the worth from each organic compound molecule that produces.

So, when different rock oil corporations are scaling back, Aramco will go to steadily increase the downstream capabilities. This involves building further purification capability, growing for world chemicals business, also as commerce and selling businesses.

3- They will be work to enable the sustainable development of the Kingdom

they are the main driver of the Saudi economy. And whether they are taking on major public works and infrastructure projects, acting as a catalyst for the localization of the Kingdom’s energy services sector, adding value to the downstream products, or championing energy efficiency, their but the energy of their employee, and unique expertise and our resources to work to create new opportunities for the people of Saudi Arabia.

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4- Saudi Aramco is leading the manner in technology development and innovation

the technological breakthroughs can amendment the lives of individuals around the world. they’re operating to extend access to cheap energy, cut back carbonic acid gas emissions, produce next-generation materials that build shopper product lighter and stronger, and conserve water resources. however, they not doing it alone. Through strategic analysis alliances and our world analysis centers, open network innovation model helps pile up talent, capabilities, and concepts from across the globe.

5- Last, Aramco strengthens position as an employer of choice

World-class ambitions require world-class talent. Which is why they are always looking for people who want the opportunity to work on projects with meaning; projects that make an impact; projects that affect people on a global scale.

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