Virtue Ethics and Islam

Virtue Ethics is one of the most important ethics that plays a big role in human society. It focuses on an individual’s character, the habits they maintain, and how those are affecting their quality of life.

Virtue Ethics also encourages people to know right and wrong and still pick the ‘good’ habits and qualities, so they can easily resolve any conflicts or dilemmas without compromising their emotional states. Master principle of virtue ethics helps people be good by doing virtuous people’s actions.

It can also lead to a better and happier life. As a result of Virtue Ethics, people have been able to find a meaning to their lives just by changing the bad character habits that they have. While bad habits are hard to change, Virtue Ethics can make it possible to turn bad habits into good habits. Master Principle of Virtue Ethics helped me be a better person by following the virtuous actions of the Prophet Muhammad.

Prophet Muhammad’s Example Helping Me Improve

When I was in my late teens, I knew right from wrong but always managed to choose the bad choices such as lying to my parents, not focusing in my classes, and not being respectful towards people that I cared about. I felt lost and just didn’t have an example of a person to look up towards and also didn’t have the motivation to try. One day, I attended an Islamic Conference in Annur Islamic Center in Sacramento and my friend introduced me to the leader of the center.

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I told the leader about my concerns and hardships of my life and my interest in change.

The leader talked to me for a while and explained that all of the good and virtuous behavior he had now was the result of following the prophet Muhammad. He further explained how good of character and virtues person the prophet Muhammad was. The teachings of the prophet Muhammad and his actions were exactly what I needed at that time to change my life and be a better person. I started to learn more about the teachings of the prophet, and every day I tried to act virtuously like him. Just by following some simple things from his character (becoming truthful, more respectful, and having temperance), I noticed how the world around me started changing almost instantly.

My family and relatives were nicer to me, and I became someone that could be trusted. I had a much better feeling about myself and my personality, and I had enough motivation to go to college and set goals for my life. Because of this change, I tried to follow more of the sayings of the prophet and encouraged my siblings and family to do the same. Through a virtuous person, I was able to learn how to turn my life around and make the smallest changes towards my own behavior that made my life much simpler. While the practical wisdom of prophet was considered to be common sense by others, he still had the ability to show me that my own problems were a result of the choices I was making, and if I was so tired of it, I would learn to improve my own behavior. Now I am not alone, I have someone virtuous to look at and act like him to have a better life and be a good person.

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