Virtualization in K12Schools differ vastly from when my

Virtualization in K-12

Schools differ vastly from when my grandparents went to school, when my parents went to school, when I went to school, and now when my daughter goes to school. The differences in technology alone are amazing.

Children able to use at earlier age.

When my daughter was 3 years old, she could find her way around an iPhone better than I could. This is how her generation has been trained. Kids these days can open apps and play music and change the background on their phone before they learn how to ride a bike.

There are many reasons for this. Technology is simpler and cheaper to get than it was 30 years ago. Kids are given “old phones” when parents get new ones, and these play phones are still “smarter” phones than the ones I used primarily growing up. Thanks to social media, the world is (or at least seems) like a much scarier place than it used to be.

Parents do not feel safe sending their children outside to play, even in their own backyard. In the summertime, my parents played all over town from sunup until sundown, with no cell phones, barely checking in at home. Sometimes my grandparents were at work, so the kids were sent off to find something to do until one of them got home for the day. Now our children can not play in their fenced in yard without the fear that someone will kidnap them. According to Martin Armstrong, a survey was done to find out where children spend more of their free time.

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It said the children “spent 18.6 hours on screen-based play in a usual week”. Therefore, children these days play inside, in the safety of their home, on iPads, on console gaming systems, on their smartphones. Even if a child does not have any of those electronics at home, schools are becoming more and more tech friendly. My children’s school assigns everyone a Chromebook in kindergarten, and they keep it until 12th grade, or until there are upgrades. This way, the children who do not benefit from already knowing how to use technology, learn quickly in school, and once in the 2nd grade, are able to take said Chromebooks home. (Armstrong, 2017)

Faster, more updated.

One thing that would help tremendously in helping our schools reach their full potential is virtualization.

Benefits of Virtualization in K-12.

There is a vast amount of benefits of virtualization, and very few, if any, cons to it. We are learning more about it all the time, and new updates and ideas are being created and thought of daily. Technology is an always changing market.

Better Security.

One of the benefits of virtualization is better security. Cyberthreats have become such a major issue in the last 10 years, and there are not enough people working on it to keep up to date. Organizations have begun offering scholarships and high schools have begun teaching about cybersecurity in school, in an effort to minimize these threats by educating people on it and increasing interest. (Konak, 2018)

Cost effective

Another proven benefit of virtualization is the cost effectiveness of it.

Ways to implement virtualization

There are different ways that one can implement virtualization into the K-12 school environment. Some different things schools could do would be data centers and shared classroom computers.

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