Villafuete et Al 2018 conducted a study about Learning Styles

Villafuete, et. Al., (2018) conducted a study about “Learning Styles and Motivations for Practicing English as a Foreign Language: A Case Study of Role-play in Two Ecuadorian Universities”. Their research is an action research studies learning styles and motivations to practice English as a Foreign Language through Role-play. The applied instruments were the Social Software Survey Used with Undergraduate Students; and a questionnaire designed ad hoc, by the team research named Likert Questionnaire Learners’ Motivations for Practicing English through Role-play. The show result participants’ openness to cooperative learning and task-based learning.

The learning styles concluded that participants prefer is working in groups; situation that favours the implementation of English as a foreign language practices through role-play.

Krisdiana, et. Al., (2018) conducted a study “The Effectiveness of Role-Play Integrated with Word Cards on Students’ Speaking Skill for Communication” Their study aims to investigate the effectiveness of role play integrated word cards on students speaking skill for communication. To achieve the aim of the study, a pre-test and post-test are constructed.

After that the mean scores of both tests are compared. It is found that the mean score in the post-test is significantly higher than in the pre-test. It means the role-play is integrated with word cards is more effective in improving students speaking skill.

Similar to the study of Krismiyati (2017) entitled “Recorded-Role Play in EFL Classroom: A Way of Maximizing Students? Potential in Speaking”, This study tries to see whether recorded-role play could maximize students potential in speaking. The students were given a situation in which they had to act the role play.

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They recorded it Before they drafted the role-play . It shows that students felt less tense in acting the role. They also got more time to practice their pronunciation before recording. It even gave students who felt reluctant in the class to actively participate. In addition, students could play around with the supporting background sound to show their creativity. Surprisingly, most students do their best to show their effort in their speaking as the end-product would be played in the classroom, even the quietest students performed really well. Finally, this recorded-role play proved to be an effective way to maximize student’s potential in speaking.


Ampatuan (2016) conducted a research about the outcome of role play as an approach in developing the communicative competence of freshmen titled as “Role Play as an Approach in Developing Students Communicative Competence”. His study was on how the role-play as an approach was conducted; hence, necessary enhancement should be offered if needed. The result of his study revealed that role play as a type of communicative activity was a valuable classroom approach. Because it assist students in developing their communicative competence, also, it provide the students an opportunity to practice the English language with fluency and accuracy. In his study, it was also discovered that role play was beneficial in developing students? communicative competence provided that it was not done too long. It encouraged students to express themselves; provided self-confidence and opportunity for practicing the rules of social behaviour; and allowed learners to use their learned language.

Vitug and Sarmiento (2018) also conducted a research entitled “Role play: Values Integration in Teaching a Rizal Course, in their study, they sought to describe the effectiveness of role-play values integration when teaching Rizal course. It employed a descriptive research design. Students need to experience staging a role play in a Rizal course. The results of their study revealed that student’s participants had a good and challenging experience in staging a role play.

Furthermore, their participants experienced comprehension and application of Rizal’s values through role play. Their article concludes that role play is an effective teaching strategy to learn the values taught by Rizal’s life and works. Based on the results, 19 of their study, it is recommended that future researchers explore the extrinsic and intrinsic motivations of students when staging a role plat and the role play is applied to learning about the lives of other historical subjects and heroes.

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