Views of the Future: Similarities and Differences Between the Films Gattaca and Oryx and Crake

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Being that the film “Gattaca” and our book “Oryx and Crake” by Margaret Atwood are both set in the future, they have many similarities yet many differences at the same time It strikes me as shocking that both materials have such similarities yet such different views and opinions on what the future will look take, Getac is more focused around orderliness and what you can call a modified version of “survival of the fittest. Instead of people being able to learn to survive, officials use the individual genetic code to determine whether or not the person would be able to survive in a certain environment or workplace.

In Gata, they ti together eugenics and genetic engineering ta create a place fr every type of person, whether you like it to not you’re home as someone whose genetic code says you’re prone to diseases or that you don’t have certain abilities, then you won’t be able to get anywhere far I fe, Nobody will think you’re worthy, no matter how smart or attractive you are.

You will only get somewhere if your genetic sequence tanks like you are perfect for the ob, in Oryx and Croke however, most of humanity is wiped out and there’s nobody io cant you and tell you what you can and can’t do, Snowman must uy hard to survive with the Crakers. The Craker, being genetically modified humans, have certain adaptations such as 4 citrus smell to shoo away mosquitos and being vegetarian.

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This is similar to Gattaca because humans are modified in both materials: book and movie, it’s also different because the book seems to have a much more extreme (fluorescent green eyes and citrus smell) scenario. In the future didn’t seem so bad other than the fact that most people won’t care about anything other than what your NA said about you, The world in Gattaca seemed like a safe place to live, any wrong move and the authorities will pin you down. in the book, however, life seems scary, stressful, and a bit apocalyptic. Overall, “Oryx and Crake” seems like it might be the future of what was happening in Gattaca.

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