Video Games Should Be Utilized by Teachers to Promote Learning

When it comes to school today, it seems most kids trail off or get bored quite often, This is because it’s mostly just reading and writing all day. Without any sort of change or excitement there is nothing to keep a student focused; everybody has their limits. This is why I feel teachers should use video games in their day»to-day teaching. There are many games out today that allows great creativity and educational opportunities Take the game Minecraft for instance There is already an educational teaching pack available for Minecruft that can allow teachers to teach complicated math problems, English lessons, or even programming right from inside the game, Not only are students learning, but they are also interacting and chatting with other classmates.

You could even broaden it to a school-wide experience; thus promoting more social interactions between the students. Due to the games ‘mod—ability’ (Easy to create and add custom content to the game) some teachers could even make their own items in the game.

This is great because this even helps higher grades like college, where engineers could create realistic training examples in the game. This would familiarize the materials better with the person; consider it virtual hands—on experience. This type of innovation in the classroom would ultimately lead to more students doing their homework, and more just being interested. Since they would be able to log into a server at home to complete the material, (all stored on the server) learning comprehension would be greatly improved.

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There are also games like Surgeon Simulator that would be great for any health class. These realistic games not only teach, but actually keeps students attention throughout the class For a literature class, Games in the genre style of The Typing ofthe Dead (a typing only combat game) help’s the students focus on their typing and grammar while still being fun. These games show that educational games can be fun, actually educational, and engaging for the student.

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