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VardamanI knew all along that she is not my mom My mom Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: As I Lay Dying


I knew all along that she is not my mom. My mom is a fish. This one is not a fish. So she cannot be my mom.

A lot has change since my other mom is a fish. I do not see her orthe real mom. I only see the fake mom. She is not a fish so she is not my mom.

Pa really likes this new mom but I do not.

“He will get use to her,” Pa says. “He will grow out of it.

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“It just happened so quick for him,” Cash says, “there is no telling how long it may take.”

Cash say nothing else and he know that she is not mom or the other mom that is a fish.

He saw her when she is a fish with me. He does not care but I do.

Cash is my brother.

Darl is my brother.

He is in Jackson because mom is a fish. We took the other mom, who is a fish and not the mom I had before, a long way to town and we do not see her again.

We do not see Darl either because he is in Jackson, because he did not like the smell of fish. He did not like that the new mom smell like fish. He made campfire out of a barn so he had to go to Jackson.

I miss Darl and I miss mom who is a fish and I miss my other mom.

But my new mom does not smell like a fish. That how I know she is not my mom. My old mom turned into a fish. This one is not a fish.

A lot has happened since my mom is gone. I do not know how it happened but maybe if I got Peabody back she will go away like my old mom did. Maybe everything will be back like it was before.

Peabody had a horse. I remember that horse.

I need to get Peabody back because he took my old mom so he will take this one. Then I will beat the horse for taking her. That is how I know the new mom will become a fish and get sent away like the old mom.

I know this because that is what happened before and this is what I did before and we had to take her away so I will do it again so we can take her away too.

I need to get Peabody back so I need to get the horse back.

Then everything will be the same as before.


For my new chapter of As I Lay Dying, I fixated on Vardaman and his feelings towards his stepmother, who he refers to as his “new mom.” My goal was to accurately illustrate Vardaman’s negative perspective of his “new mom,” while trying to maintain his character’s offbeat logic, abrupt interjections, and imperfect grammar.

The aspect of the story that I wanted to expand on in my new chapter was Vardaman’s seemingly nonsensical decision that his mother is a fish. Admittedly, at first I assumed Vardaman’s character merely had a few screws loose. However, when I began to reconsider various aspects of the story, I saw Vardaman’s character in an entirely new light. Originally, I simply knew that Vardaman’s language is convoluted, turning on itself, using pronouns seemingly unassigned to any object. I then realized that throughout As I Lay Dying, Faulkner does not specify Vardaman’s age (he merely states that he is the youngest of Addie’s children), and suddenly the lightbulb floating above my head flipped on: Vardaman speaks like a little kid, because he is a little kid.

Vardaman has a lively imagination, and he views his mother’s death through the same lens with which he views a fish he has recently caught and cut up into little pieces, and as he saw it, once it was cut up, it was no longer a fish. So it was a fish, and then it was not a fish, and in Vardaman’s eyes, this his mother functioned the same way: she was his mother, and then she was not his mother. In conclusion, Vardaman is a young boy who just lost his mother, and he copes with this trauma in a variety of childlike ways. Many of his thoughts and actions seem outlandish, but when reconsidered from a young child’s perspective, strangely enough, it all somewhat makes sense.

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This sample is done by Scarlett with a major in Economics at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper reflects her knowledge and her perspective on VardamanI knew all along that she is not my mom My mom and should not be considered as the only possible point of view or way of presenting the arguments.

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