"Breakfast at Tiffany's"

The following example essay on “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is an analysis of Truman Capote’s literary work. The story describes Holly Golightly’s friendship with the narrator. The essay focuses on the image of the main character.

The novel described the writer himself in New York who lived in poverty meeting with the protagonist, Holly Golightly. She was from Texas and because of the uncertainty in her life, she wished to have an ideal sense of belonging. However, the difficulty of making a living made her become a Top banana in the shock department.

The writer started to know Hollys miserable past through association, and he fell in love with her because of her optimistic and fearless personality. Afterwards, Holly was being taken advantage of by bad people while she was earning tips. After being arrested by the police, she suffered from abortion and her fianc? who was a handsome and rich diploma, left her. At last, Holly was forced to leave New York to South America to pursue a better life.

In the story, theres no clear illustration about the ending of Holly Golightly. Nevertheless, whatever situation she was in, it was not very easy for the readers to believe that she was able to escape from the fear that the horrible things she had experienced brought her. The writer would like to meet Holly for another time, but it didnt seem very positive for the readers, maybe he was afraid to see her no longer being pure. The writer would rather make Holly a part of the fairy tale and leave her inside his mind forever.

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Fame and gain were the starting objectives of Holly. She wanted to achieve these, but what she was looking forward to was not the fancy world outside, but a place where she could be free and could do everything she wanted. She wanted to be her real self in the chaos happening around her so that she pursued the future which was right in front of her but also impossible in reality.

At first, Holly carried the aim to live an upper life so that she went to New York to socialize with all kinds of people. When she first left home, she was naive and not afraid of anything. However, after all the things that had happened, especially abortion, she realized that it was not possible to find true love if she kept limiting herself in wealth and she may lose her romance and innocence that she used to have.

Above all, this book really intrigued me by the whole plot as well as the detailed description of certain scenes. I would hope that Holly was still herself after all the unpredictable things took placed, just like she wished when she first decided to left home. There are many thought-provoking parts that lead me to think deeper. After all, I recommend this book to all ages and I believe most people will enjoy their time when reading this book.

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"Breakfast at Tiffany's"
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