Vandalism, Assault and Domestic Violence

The problem with illegal drugs is that addicts normally cannot buy them, and they are so difficult to get that addicts often resort to theft or robbery in order to pay for their addiction. If people could go to Sonic and buy a cocaine slushie, or drive up to Burger King and order a crack burger and a weedshake. People would not need to commit theft, robbery, or endanger the public in order to pay for their habits. Around seven hundred and forty billion dollars a year is spent on illegal drugs.

This shows that illegal drugs are a substantial portion of the economy of the United States. They take money away from jobs, production of goods, as well as other services to the general public. Statistics show that more than one and a half million people are arrested for drug abuse a year, showing that drug use is a widespread epidemic for law enforcement.

On in the last ten years the United States government has spent over one hundred trillion dollars on anti-drug campaigns and prevention.

In addition to high prevention costs, drug abuse contributes to property crimes as well as violent crimes such as theft and assault which have a seventy percent correlation to drug arrests. Based of the data from NIH, the NIDA as well as the FDA all drugs should be legal, inexpensive, and easily accessible. One of the most pressing issues concerning drugs is that they encourage crime. Crime is a direct result of drug abuse, as it is often used as an outlet to supply the habit.

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Drug-related crimes include violations of the law such as possession and trafficking, as well as vandalism, assault and domestic violence.

Crimes such as theft fund further drug use, smuggling attempts or allows unrestricted use of the money earned from trafficking. In other words, while some drug-related crimes are committed in order to collect cash, other such crimes are committed because the offender is intoxicated and not in control of his or her own actions. Some offenders of the law commit crimes while under the influence of drugs that are legal, such as alcohol. Alcohol is proven to prohibit proper use of the prefrontal cortex which has an ornate capability to control our actions, however it has still been made a legal substance. For example, drunk driving is an offence, and domestic violence and other crimes often occur while the offender is under the influence of alcohol. This demonstrates that the relationship between drugs and crime does not always depend on whether the drug is illegal.

Another important issue is that the drug market takes money and work away from legitimate business activities. Drug addicts are more likely to get their money by illegal means rather than through your average job. Moreover, the money that they use to buy drugs is not then available to purchase legitimate and basic necessities for the addict. Whatever salary they receive will go straight to feeding their addiction and this is why many addicts are homeless. Aside from how addicts would choose to use their average working salary, crimes often occur in the places where drugs are bought and sold. Moreover, the dealers commit crimes in order to collect money from the buyers through force or to discourage the general public from observing their activities and reporting them to the police. These factors clearly show that, besides increasing the crime rate, drug-related activities harm the legitimate economic activities of the general public as well as endanger the average sober citizen.

Currently in the United States one hundred and seventy five people die a day from drug overdose, and still in our major cities overpopulation and crowding are a concern. With the laws preventing drug use are lifted than more people would die of ¨natural¨ causes which would dramatically decrease the economic strain on the nation. Less American citizens would be able to collect social security as well as less people would be able to live off of workman’s comp, or any other long term disability pension. The increase in overdoses and overall drug use would allow for a surplus in government funding which has the possibility to pay of the nationś multi-trillion dollar debt.

The elimination of laws preventing the use of drugs would drastically increase the productivity of the United States. If drugs were made legal the number of arrests and jail populations would decrease. On average the American people spend over eighty billion dollars a year in tax money on taking care of people put away by our current law enforcement system. Additionally te elimination of the prohibition of drugs would allow more jobs to open for the American people. Currently thirteen million people across the United States are unemployed, the legalization of all drugs would provide numerous jobs and thus eliminate the unemployed population. The addition of jobs and markets of drugs would drastically increase the economy of the United States.

I can think of no reasonable objection that may be introduced to criticize this proposal, unless it should be claimed that the drug issues of the 21th century is almost impossible to fix, as it would lead to increased drug use, or abolition of our need of our policemen and women. I desire the reader will observe that this problem as insignificant when compared to the pernicious consequences that will undoubtedly emerge from illegalization and prohibition of the use of drugs, and my proposal of legalizing all drugs will cultivate a thriving working population, working stores and outlets to legally provide adequate amounts of drugs to the needy population for a fixed price. Therefore let no person speak to me of any other solutions: such as eliminating all illegal drug users: of decreasing the amount of drug allowed in the United States: and of eliminating all drugs from our nation. For many political figures have attempted such feats and have failed.

Again I say no one should dare to impose these solutions unto me until they have a small glimpse of hope that these action may be successfully implemented. It is not that I think of myself as superior to the opinions of others on the subject of solutions to this topic but rather that I have spent years researching and formulating solutions to the subject, and I am certain that this solution is the best, if not the only solution to the problem that is the rising number of incarcerated drug users in the United States harming the economy of the nation.

I admit, that I have the least bias to see to it that necessary action is in fact successful. I myself have no ties to big business, the mafia, nor the black market itself. I am completely and solely dedicated to improving the economic stability of my nation, by increasing job opportunities, decreasing the number of people living off of social security, paying off our national debt, as well as by freeing the taxpayer from paying for the imprisonment of addicts. I am have no motives, of which I benefit from this proposal, I am not of the age to collect my pension nor am I a drug dealer.

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