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Vampire Literature

According to Katharina M. Wilson, the debate about the origin of the word vampire revolves around major language groups. List these four groups.
Greek, Slavic, Turkish, Hungarian

What is the language group Wilson favors in her essay as the real origin of the word vampire?

What is the name of the character in Murnau’s Nosferatu that is equivalent to Stoker’s Renfield

According to the film Nosferatu what is the Old Testament demon from whose seed the vampire was created?

What is the central thesis of Paul Barber’s essay on the forensic pathology and the vampire?
misconception of what happens to the body after death

According to psychoanalysis what stage of human development is the vampire associated with?

How did Lydia Anderson defend herself from becoming Luella Miller’s victim?
she refused to help her in any way

What is the most common epidemic vampires were associated with in early times?

According to Barber, how did class and social status affect the detection of vampires?
the poor and lower social class graves are most likely to be dug up

In the story “the mysterious stranger” both the vampire Azzo Klatka and his nemesis knight Woislaw are distinguished by what characteristic that is not part of the vampire stories?
they both have a very strong handshake

In the story “the mysterious stranger” Fancizka expresses her preference for what kind of man?
Warrior and adventurer over an aristocrat

What is the inscription that the narrator finds on the gravestone in Bram Stoker’s story “Dracula’s Guest?”
the dead travel fast

What is the name of the German holiday when dead walk the earth in Dracula’s Guest?
Walpurgis night

According to Friedrich Krauss, what is the connection between the blood that is not avenged and the clan?
blood not avenged stays in evil domain so come back as a vampire

According to Friedrich Krauss what are the two animals that can carry the evil spirit death and cause vampirism?
snake and moth

what novel was F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu based on?
Stroker’s Dracula

According to F. Oinas what part of the human body can become a vampire in Roman (Gypsy) folk belief?

In the Ghost Sonata, whom does the young student see that nobody else does in the beginning of the play?
Milk Maid

What was the name of the 1922 actor that played Nosferatu in the film?
Max Schreck

In what country is Translyvania currently located?

How is the vampire destroyed in Murnau’s film Nosferatu?

How is Nosferatu destroyed in Herzog’s 1978 remake of the film?

How is the vampire destroyed in Browning’s film Dracula?
piece of wood laying on the ground

What is the phrase from the scripture invoked by the vampire in Browning’s film Dracula?
for the blood is the life

What is the Ruckensfigur technique used in Murnau’s Nosferatu to show Elen’s melancholy mood related to Hutter’s absence?
They face the vast dark nature (sea, beach, sky)

Whom does the father go on to fight in A.K. Tolstoy’s story “the family of vourdalak” before he returns as a vampire?
Turkish lord

What is the historical setting of the framing narrative in A.K. Tolstoy’s story “the family of vourdalak?”
Vienna, 1815, peace conference

What is the ethnicity of the vampire family in A.K. Tolstoy’s story “the family of vourdalak?”

What is the color associated with Luella Miller in the story by the same name?

What is the name of the actor in the lead role in Browning’s film Dracula?
Bela Lugosi

What industry is the girl associated with in the “girl with the hungry eyes?”

What does the demonic shoemaker turn into blood in Montague Summers’ essay on the vampire?
turns milk into blood

What was the name of the format that Varney the Vampire was first published in?
penny dreadfuls

In Karl marx’s use of the vampire metaphor, what is being used by the capital as the dead force?

What are the professions of the main protagonists in the story Clarimonde?
Priest and a courtesan

What is the name of the Professor in Fearless Vampire Killers and what is his nickname?
Professor Abronsius, The Nut

What is the destiny of Van Helsing at the end of the 1978 version of the Nosferatu?
He was arrested

According to Sigmund Freud why are the living afraid that the dead will return?
project their guilt

What is weather like in most vampire stories we have read so far?

How does John Fine explain the use of vampire legend as a cover in c19 Serbia?
illegitimate children

According to Paul Barber’s essay, what is the main cause for “grunting of the dead” after burial?
Gas is trapped inside the body

What is the main difference in appearance between the vampire in folklore and vampire in literature?
literature: handsome and aristocrat; folklore: poor, lower class

What is Renfield favorite food in all versions of the Dracula story?

What are the two dominant themes of the Romantic Period that the vampire figure is derived from and related to?
love and death

What is the ethnicity of Cristina the woman who becomes the vampire in the story “for the blood is the life”

In the essay Vamparella what is the animal the vampire was most often associated with by the author when analyzing the Victorian imagination?

What is the kind of wood the vampire-killing stake is usually made out of?
hawthorn and ash

What is the biblical reference to the setting of the story “for the blood is the life”
Birthplace of Judais

What is the method of extracting blood from Bella in the story Good Lady Ducayne?
blood transfusion

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