Utilizations of Holland's theory include surveying people as far

Utilizations of Holland’s theory include surveying people as far as noticeable identity types and after that coordinating the individual sorts with the natural parts of potential vocations. Realistic, Investigative, Artistic. Social, Enterprising, Conventional)

An individual’s conduct is controlled by a cooperation between his or her identity and the attributes of the earth. Such results incorporate decision of occupation, work changes, professional accomplishment, individual capability, and instructive and social conduct

The theory predicts that the higher the similarity between individual and professional characteristics, the better the potential for positive career-related outcomes, including satisfaction, persistence, and achievement.

In Leslie’s case, she has a number of skills and interests but she doesn’t feel very confident taking the decisions. She looks more investigative with amazing mathematical and teaching skills as she started her career very early as a Mathematics teacher. Most of the time she feels unacknowledged and unappreciated

TWA recognizes that the correspondence among individual and condition may not be seamless.

The individual’s abilities may grow with the goal that they exceed their job or their needs may change in view of non-work duties. Adaptability will change from individual to individual and from condition to condition. Active modification by Leslie includes her endeavoring to change her workplace

Based on Leslie’s needs and adjustment style, Counsellor needs to work on exploring her strengths and values and identify action plan for a positive adjustment in personal and work environment. Leslie seems to be satisfied and contented with her first job as she was able to make decisions but her current job looks more challenging and frustrating for her because of new policies and a pressure from the parents regarding the class progress.

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Her assessment as SII on Page 62 of text book (Fouad & Swanson,2015) ,clearly indicates that she has interests in teaching, research, computer hardware and social but less interested in enterprising and artistic theme. Her highest needs on MIQ are her moral values and achievements but authority is her low need area.

Leslie is certain and motivated and agreeable in a characterized job in making new open doors inside her unique profession field as a teacher. She loves creating frameworks to make her activity increasingly productive. She is extremely imaginative in taking care of issues and structuring exercises to help others.

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