Use Your Feelings in Different Ways

When looking at both of these articles side by side, the audiences to both of these informative pieces would most likely be people in the ages of 25 years or older simply because of one of them being a late night political based show, and the other by a pronoun scholar and Deist whose main audiences are grown adults. Not saying that the pieces would not have been read by teenagers, but more than likely these text would only be read by younger audiences if they were assigned to do so.

The genres of the two pieces would be an informative article as well as informative video. Both genres allow the reader to exploit how they feel in different ways.

On the contrary, Mr. Johnson’s article is heavily filled with facts and examples to the point where you can already sense his form of bias against it. The rhetorical appeals of John Oliver’s video is superb. Since abortion is always on the board of discussion, it doesn’t really matter when he talked about it.

The way Oliver makes you feel when he states that abortion is an “abomination” to the thought of society and the way he portrays his emotions when he wants you to feel certain ways really is impressive.(Oliver, 2016) I remember the way he looked when he said abortion rates increase by 10% almost every single week. He looked like he had just lost his mother and you could really feel his sense of unease as you were watching it.

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He would also put political statements such as the President and his views on abortion to almost mock the form that he was okay with it.

Right off the bat when you read Mr. Johnson’s article, you know he is against the abortion act because he states that he is deist. His approach is to put the act of abortion into the form of where it goes against religion. He says that every human has their own right to do what they want with their body including the infant child. He then goes into the argument of scientific reasoning where he says that the child has its own complete set of DNA which makes him liable to make his/her own decision and by killing the child you have taken away its right by the constitution. Overall the articles have many similarities but are vastly different on how they portray their arguments. You get the sense of one argument being more personal in the sense of a person is talking directly to you through a video camera, and one puts it in the form of religion and scientific reasoning. But in the end both articles still portray that abortion is not right.

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