Unrecognized Ignorance in the Story of Racial Profiling in School

If I saw an Afghanistan kid walking down the street I would just shoot him in the face. These were the words of a Manasquan High School student during history class Friday the 18th. I was so dumbfounded I couldn‘t believe what I had heard. We were on the subject of how America is giving food to Afghanistan; Most of the class disagreed to these events taking place. Many made vew horrifying comments on how the American government should do away with these countries.

They were heartless and selfish about the good deeds America has been doing. What about us’? What about the people who lost lives in the World Trade Center? My reply to all this was. We are being taking care of behind the scenes, There are many people in these countries that have nothing to do with terrorism. The United States has gone soft on many things but this isnt your typical WWII. This needs to be handled with different tactics.

My question to you is, do you not have any intelligence of morals? I continued on saying that the people in Afghanistan have nothing and nothing is an understatement. How dare they be so self consumed and not tell the difference between the two? I mentioned that the poverty of the United States would be a royal castle to those in Afghanistan under the Taliban. I was flabbergasted With the uproar of these ignorant opinions. Have they not been taught the rights and wrongs? This is raCial profiling.

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I understand the Americans want revenge. However, why go against your own country morals and standard and stoop down to a low level? This is Manasquan High School, the school that has frequently been praised and has had little CflllCiSm. Why are so many students under the same opinion? Has it not been taught enough by the parents? Or has itiust not been expressed enough through the school systems of today?

That Friday afternoon Iwent to an administrator to bring this incident to their attention. I mentioned how emotional it was for me to have to discuss this topic in such a matter and stand up to 90% of the class but that I was thankful for my teacher agreeing With me. I told him that this could cause problems and that I didntwant to go to my next class. The administrator asked me what the problem was. I distinctly explained the situation that occurred. The administrator told me to ignore the ignorance of the students and continue on with my day, I was shocked with such a response. For that is not the one Iwas looking for. I was hoping something would be done with such a dangerous situation that could escalate and leave others in fear.

Do we relinquish the seriousness to the Racial Profiling matter here? What about the morals? No matter what anyone says, we are all equal. regardless of where we came from or what we look like, Racial Profiling is not only offensive to those who are its victims; it ruins lives and hurts people emotionally, mentally. and physically Racial Profiling is WRONG. So. when are we going to start doing something about it? Must we wait for its extremes to occur? We must start with the students for they are our future generation, Im just a seniorwho is notifying the public of the problems taking place in my school. You could easily put this down and walk away from it.

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