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Let’s state the obvious, as time has evolved so has the way of life. How we eat, how we dress, how we talk and even transportation. We’ve gone from the invention of the model T ford to electric smart cars, but how do all of these ideas get produced or even thought of? During the years 1926-1934 an aviation pioneer named Walter T Varney embarked two companies called Varney Airlines and Varney speed lines. A question that comes to mind is what was his motive? What was his purpose in pursuing his company?

Walter Varney started out as a airmail contractor, converging five different companies, he later sold to United Aircraft and Transportation turning both successful companies into United Airlines and Continental Airlines, speedlines converting into Continental (www.

mccarran.com). Now during the year 1934 the Air Mail Act contracted that any aviation company needed to split up, meaning taking their company and dividing it up into smaller airlines. The United Aircraft and Transportation divided up into three separate organizations, Boeing, United Airlines and United Aircraft.

As time progressed so did the airlines, by 1940 United had stimulated the first all-cargo airlines in America, bringing a future up roar for United. Throughout the years 1950-1990 United grew progressively, buying out different airlines and investing in smaller airlines to help them grow. Of course every organization has downfalls, in 1992 the cost of fuel and interest rates went up making United put processing of new aircrafts and also some of their investments on hold.

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Fortunately United didn’t quite suffer through the tough bankruptcy of the late 80’s to early 90’s. As smaller airlines fell, Untied, Delta and American Airlines held the top spots in the airline industry. Following the 2001 terrorist attack, United faced certain troubles like fuel cost and adding on heavier security within the airlines, which lead them to two years of bankruptcy protection. As of 2010 United came out of their financial crisis and conjoined with continental airlines to become United Continental holding we know today.

The Airlines is a multimillion dollar industry and has a lot to offer to other companies as well. With being the third leading airline, United also stands at the smallest of the three. So you can see the obvious is they’re in the Airlines industries with a very high market, targeting travelers, business folks, vacationers, and many more. With having the background of becoming the first airlines to fly all cargo, United offers car rentals, pet traveling and even booking your hotels or resorts. The famous “ Come fly the friendly skies” was United’s original advertising, a new slogan was created in 2004 “ It’s time to fly” but was changed back to its original “ Come fly the friendly skies” in 2013 (hub.united.com). With this advertising, United wanted to focus more towards speaking to customers about their new airlines, presenting the look and feel of the company and to stay within the inner circle of the term “friendly” to today’s high tech world (hub.united.com). CEO, Oscar Munzo states that “Every day, we help unite the world by connecting people to the moments that matter most. This shared purpose drives us to be the best airline for our employees, customers and everyone we serve.” (hub.united.com).

When it comes to management to employee relationship, United’s goal is to handle diversity and involvement with inner leadership qualifications. Leaders strive to form an atmosphere where employees feel appreciated, a comfortable place to come to work. United points out very clear that their mission is to create an “altogether” environment that represents respect and dignity. This allows every employee to strive for success within the organization.

They believe to accomplish this mission by prioritizing the goal of diversity into leading new talent to the company. Applying these strategies throughout the company allows employees from distinct backgrounds and culture reach out towards the company, suitable to the “flyer-friendly” tone (www.united.com). In the mission statement it quotes

“Our fundamental purpose as a company is to connect people and unite the world. That is why we strive to ensure the United family is as diverse as the communities we serve around the globe, representing every background and belief, origin and orientation, color and creed.” (hub.united.com).

To help back up their mission statement on diversity, United works with numerous organizations like sponsored events, business partnerships as well as human resource training.

United stays very involved within their communities, they’re main goal is to stand by the diversity and inclusion standards. By creating a foundation with support groups to help run events like employee-run BRGs and even volunteer work for the community enhances the organizational culture within the airlines. Having high expectations through employees, certain levels of management go through different trainings on diversity, lead by the Executive Diversity council (www.united.com/globalcitizenship). This type of training prepares all types of management to commit to involvement with employees and assist them to adequately work with different diverse backgrounds. Not only does United train their employees on diversity but also employees are liable for any type of support and formation of comprehensive groups.

Code of ethics are major components within the company, providing key terms to oversee employees and management throughout the business. This overlays different areas such as work environment, management responsibilities, discrimination and many more. The code maintains numerous outlets for employees such as, certain concerns or reaching out for guidance from higher colleagues (crreport.united.com). This includes access to classified websites, addressing any issues anonymously and a 24 hour telephone hotline. With United being a global enterprise, they uphold a level of respect for the U.S and international principles on human rights. Demonstrating a strategic commitment to the company’s core values, culture and honest business methods result in valuable corporate citizenship (crreport.united.com).

United offers various amounts of training throughout the company, which allows employees to experience different roles within the job they were particularly hired for. Making sure each employee has the resources to apply the best customer experience and also positive experiences for other employees. Through advancement of time and technology over 92,000 employees engaged in over 4 million training exercises during the year 2017, with hopes that each employee can exceed their career to new levels (crreport.united.com). The sky’s the limit,no pun intended, for employees with this organization. From reliable resources to endless opportunities to climb the corporate ladder, United continues to prove how they stay successful in today’s modern world.

There’s always different ways to do business, whether it’s outside the business or even inside the business. Stated in a message from CEO Oscar Munoz, United isn’t just the name of the airlines, but also their core philosophy. In this message he explains how ethos enhances the way employees interact with not just customers but with other colleagues as well. Coordinating with the United Nations Global Compact; that assist businesses worldwide to engage in continuous socially responsible policies, United stands at being the only Airline to participate with the compact since 2010. Alongside the evident responsibilities of the airlines, they also advocate involvement and find different ways to influence the next generation of leaders. Enrolling with energy-efficient operations, United was identified as the most known environmental performance assessment. To establish the next generation of aviation leaders united offers hands on education and several internships, allowing the future generations to exceeded in the company faster.

From reliable sources and stated facts its clear United seems to be more of a proactive initiative. From high qualified training to endless opportunities for growth, United stays ahead of the game and consistently thinking of new ways to advance the company, if not why would they still be in business today? Whether it’s in employment or new technology for the company, United has continued to set the example of how a company can adapt to any change the world may bring, with the right strategies and dedicated employment. A majority of companies that are successful get caught up in the money making and not so much on their employees, resulting in decline of employment or constant change of teams. United makes sure to balance out both customer satisfaction and employment satisfaction, setting the bar high for existing airlines and future airlines to come.

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