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Unit II Case Study Kenny King Essay

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Paper type: Case study

Unit II Case Study

Kenny King

Columbia Southern University

Unit II Case Study

E-commerce is very important and commonly known as it expands in the world today. There many e-commerce companies all over the internet and that have attracted the attention of millions and millions or consumers or people that go online to purchase goods and other items as well. For my assignment for this unit I am going to search and select an e-commerce company of my choosing. After selecting an e-commerce company I will discuss several features about the company such as its advantages, what about them as a company, its marketing strategies, customer value propositions, and more on as I get into the essay.

For my selection of the e-commerce company that I will do my essay on is eBay. EBay is one of the top e-commerce companies in the world that has anything from electronics to car parts to antiques and more that you may be interested in to purchasing. EBay is a consumer-to-consumer business allowing those who buy products and more to also sell their own. This type of business has evolved throughout the internet with it being a part of it because of it. With eBay being a prominent provider for consumers to purchase and sells products, it has become almost if not the top auction site existing. With every e-commerce company there is always a business model designed to build and lead to success. A business model is like a blueprint in resemblance for having a plan to build your business from the beginning and the continuance forever. The whole process of having a business model is not just about making money. It’s about developing a plan to attract as many customers by allowing customers to buy products and also allow people to sell their products as well.

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For eBay, it is one the most popular, online selling and purchasing sites in the world with it being a great e-commerce company. E-commerce companies like eBay and more provides many people the opportunity to connect all around the world to purchase and sell their goods in their inventory for people to have the decision for having. It launched its continuous marketing e-commerce company in 1995 and has continued to rapidly grow within the market of sales. With eBay being a worldwide leader in the e-commerce world, it launched and expanded its website to other countries so that they can all setup and participate in selling and purchasing goods and other things that is posted on the industries. Growing its market to other countries in the world, it became the key factor in the growth of the e-commerce company along with providing a very safe and transparent way for everyone to be able to receive what they purchased. As another company it has its low points with problems going on in the e-commerce company world online such as problems with receiving their goods, possibly having or being scammed for money. Along with having low points there are some good things to overcome it as some purchases are donated to communities, charities and other organizations to help out those in need. Overall eBay is a great online consumer to consumer e-commerce company to buy and sell from.

For its customers value propositions, there are always many sometimes for a certain company or for most. A customer value proposition is a statement made by a business that basically explains why consumers that is online shopping on why they should buy that good or the service. It is meant for most of every consumer that enters online shopping than those who are closely working related to the business. eBay’s customer value propositions is something I often see when active online shopping on there as they have propositions such as having free shipping on items and also looking at the reviews that past consumers have rated on the certain item or good. Things like that are very important in online shopping as well because items with bad reviews or no reviews are telling very much information. As much important as propositions, revenue models are also important. Even though most e-commerce companies have revenue models, each one of them are very different as eBay’s model is different. In the eBay revenue model, it provides you with the tools necessary to use as well as helps you with technology. The fees we pay by a certain party to purchase our goods over transactions, eBay makes money off of it.

As for the market space that eBay operates in is based off what everyone has interests in. From that standpoint, it seems like the company makes several developments to where being online is much easier to what you actually want or looking for. Improving market competences for eBay, I receive emails on deals that they offer daily and more as it is up to the customers to provide that boost of satisfaction of purchasing. In business generally, there are always competitors and competition around with one place and another like because it is common amongst businesses. Other than eBay, there are additional big companies such as Etsy, Amazon, and more than contends with eBay but Amazon has become eBay’s main competitor because of the resemblances it has with selling products.

As far as an advantage for a company goes, I believe that eBay has many advantages. The comparative advantage that I believe that eBay has possessed is that it’s drive of extending its network amongst other countries is a great advantage it has because it is where there are many people or consumers are online. In order to attract those millions of people, eBay has what you call market strategies and they are used to draw the attention of customers so the business keeps running. EBay’s marketing strategies has its own such as focusing on global and local marketing trades and founding a firm base with the customers. They are great strategies to have for a business that is expanding worldwide. Information about eBay’s management team and organizational structure is put together to make a successful run for a long one as the head CEO and president Devin Wenig has done nothing but driven hard work and dedication to the company as he lead several transformations to shape up the company and technology up to this day in order to make sure that the company and its inventory are good to go.


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