Unexplored Riches of The New World

Just like the USA, China and Russia of today’s world; In the early 1500’s going through 1800’s Great Britain and France were powerful forces known throughout the world for their invasion of other land with their strong army to allocate resources to make their economic richer. Unlike the freedom the US Constitution provides to its population, most of the eastern hemisphere countries of earth doesn’t and never really functioned the same way. Everything were either ruled by the government, the church or kings where it applies.

Seeing the opportunities and undiscovered riches the new world had; all of Europe wanted a piece of the pie. Businesses from Great Britain, Netherland and other countries settled in the new land to grow crop and trade with Europe. The New world aside from business were also sought as freedom to religious personnel.

As they would be able to practice his or her religion as they please without repercussions. Once the colonial elite were established in the new land, together they formed the 13 colonies but still were under the British Laws.

Under the Great Britain rule the colonies were provided security, trade, money, legal system which in returns gave Britain territories and population. With a massive conflict between Britain and France that created the Seven Years War left Britain with a massive debt. No way of coming back from this new debt, they had to find a way to allocate money. Since the 13 colonies were on the rise with wealth, Britain created the sugar act which placed tax on sugar, wine, coffee and other common product.

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That didn’t sit well with the colonials since they were the ones who could afford such luxury. The colonials revolted in protest which forced Britain to place a stamp act that targeted and taxed legal document, magazines, playing cards, anything of that can be trace with paper.

Along with the stamp act, right after was the “Quartering Act” which forced the colonial to provide British troops with Rooms and Boards with food to minimized Britain defense budget.  Outraged by the new taxes forced by Britain, the thirteen colonies created “The Stamp Act Congress in 1765” to rebuttal all taxes forced by Britain, and it required Britain to run plan any new tax with the colonies before it’s a law which Britain denied. Instead they created the Townshend Act which targeted and taxed on all colonial import and most importantly tea that led to the Son and Daughter of liberty to boycott tea. Deadly riot ran all over Boston streets between the colonial and lone British soldiers that led to five British soldier death and also protestors destroyed entire shipment of tea into the Boston harbor. All the colonies followed the same act and destroyed or blocked any tea shipment movement to Britain. In 1774, 56 colonials met in Philadelphia to draft the Deceleration of Rights.

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