uncovers several ideas and misconceptions that emerged

; uncovers several ideas and misconceptions that emerged in argumentative writing.This outstanding book remarks through “moves” the strategies and ideas writers have to keep in mind when it comes to comprehend what others say and their own conceptions. In this way, it is exceptional how such moves of argumentative writing are presented through templates, patterns,instances and exercises in order for writers to connect, clarify misunderstandings, and practice these strategies they have in the argumentative style. Thus, it is impressive the clear and comprehensible way the language is used in the book, allowing writers from beginner to advanced level to have a better and proper notion of how to express their viewpoints kindly;throughout their texts taking into account several aspects such as agreeing and disagreeing.

The book is divided into fourteen parts under 4 major parts which helps readers to think analytically so as to enhance and create a successful persuasive writing. Chapter 1 encloses the first four parts and it makes emphasis on several aspects when it comes to use and write others ideas.

For instance, the order of those thoughts illustrated in paraphrasing and quoting; which are meaningful strategies to give a high level of credibility, support and connection to writer’s own ideas.Furthermore, within its next four parts Chapter 2 describes how to express writers’ views with the “I say” label. Therefore, such crucial aspects as agreeing, disagreeing, and referencing some counterarguments, as well as specific people or groups; are taking into account in order to gain authority and reliability to the writers’ arguments.

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Additionally, Chapter 3 provides several features so as to connect every part of texts as a whole. These are represented in the use of analogies, transition words and pointing words with the aim of avoiding redundancy. Besides the connection among several statements, and the relevance of using metacommentary taking into account that this is a meaningful resource to recognize some implications that might create confusion in the construction of proper arguments. Chapter 4 embraces some strategies and recommendations while writing in some academic settings such as science and social sciences. Itis remarkable in this part how the authors give some details in order for writers to deal with data,arguments and conclusions based on information related to these fields.

The book can be really benefit writers in several fields and levels because the language that is used is really comprehensible and clear in order to avoid certain kind of misinterpretation. As the authors say that instead of using some logical principles of argumentation as syllogisms, and deductive and inductive reasoning, it is better to use daily language; it means avoiding the use of such technical language. Besides, the topics covered throughout the book are presented through real life situations with the aim of presenting such features related to argumentative writing. Finally, despite the fact the text makes emphasis on written production, It is outstanding how this book covers the conversational aspect;nevertheless, it might be valuable to make a deeper analysis related to this topic.

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uncovers several ideas and misconceptions that emerged
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