The cost of electricity production in northern Cyprus is highly dependent on fossil fuels. As prices are seemingly skyrocketing and the production of electricity has proven quite expensive at the expense of consumers due to high electricity tariffs. It is high time that the country should divert this method of energy production into cleaner, cheaper and renewable forms of producing energy and this can be achieved by taking the advantage of the readily available resources like solar energy, biomass, and wind which traditionally have been used.

whilst the tidal energy is still a new field for further exploration, it can also be exploited and tasted in the vast ocean beaches along the island.

The sun and wind are abundantly available in North Cyprus in various seasons of the year. During Summer (April-September) the island receives much sunlight and it’s moderately lower in winter. This effect distributes the sunlight throughout the island more or less uniformly. North Cyprus is a small country that the meteorological data and radiation data doesn’t change very much for different sites in it and the data collected for the Dikmen site which is at the center of country can be considered as a reference for the measurements and the analysis.

.On a surface with optimized inclination the annual incident energy amounts to roughly 2000 kWh/m2, it is obvious that the radiation is slightly increased from the north side of the island. these values have been obtained from the meteorological stations, satellite images and the interpolation models, therefore, its accuracy is limited.

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More accurate measurements can be taken for specific site studies. The geometry of incident radiation is as important as the intensity of the radiation. In order to obtain more accurate and detailed radiation data, worldwide

To take advantage of this, the areas of the largely available renewable energy sources like wind, solar or even tidal to be identified first and the power centers covering the energy plants in the area of proximity are decided subsequently. These centers could serve as nodes for the power supply for the entire country. The areas that receive maximum solar power or wind or tides are to be identified and appropriate systems to be constructed and the areas around the renewable energy plant known as nodes can benefit from this.

These zones rich in these renewables have already been identified around these cities Dipkarpaz, Girne, Lefke, and Famagusta.Renewable energy plants such as solar panels, large-sized windmills, biomass plants, and sea wave energy extraction plants are proposed to be installed. All four cities are coastal areas and have abundant solar radiation and wind flow throughout the year. Being coastal areas the sea wave extraction plants can be established in all of them. Although cattle fields are present in villages closer to all four cities, it is more populated in Lefke and Famagusta where large quantum of biomasses are available. Agricultural wastes also produce biomass. Therefore, biomass plants would have more yields in these two cities. As an approach for economic analysis of the modular power plant DipKarpaz node with windmill plant comprising two similar windmills and two solar plants is taken

The power generated in each plant is to be consumed in the area around it and all the excess power can be distributed to the nearing towns to help reduce power transmission from the pre-existing plant. the cost of electricity would be lower than the imported electricity. Considering these cities are densely populated this could be an advantage since larger populations’ consumption is higher and installing these power plants around these cities could reduce the cost of energy production.

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