The following sample essay on “UAS DRAMA ANALYSIS”: feminist issue in ayad akhtars play entitled disgraced.

People become very attached to any feminist issues on movie lately. Like when Wonder Woman movie released in 2017, internet and social media were becoming very busy in discussing about feminist issues that were realized by many people. You will find many articles about feminist when you search Wonder Woman 2017 in the internet. The feminist issue that those people talked about is about the main character of the movie which the super hero is named wonder women which her real name is Diana represents a strong woman who fights for woman right.

We know that feminist has been a famous and sensitive issue in this world. Feminism is a ideologies and social movement that campaigns political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes. The feminist movement always campaign for womans right like the right to vote, to work, to earn equal pay, and to receive education.

But some people view feminism as a negative movement and even do not like about this ideology. People think feminism is a negative thing because nowadays, women make it seem like feminism is supposed to mean that men are inferior to women. However, analyzing feminism theory in literary works is a good thing we can do. For the instance, trough analyzing feminism theory in Ayad Akhtars play, the author wants to find feminism movement that realized in the play. Moreover, the author can also find out the ideology of the author of the play about woman.

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To analyze this play in feminism theory, first the author will find the data feminist issue that portrayed in the play then discussed it. Through the discussion we can also know about the authors ideology about woman. The explanation of the discussion will be written in the form of paragraph. The table version of the discussion will be:

Datum Citation Form of Explanation

The writer used a play entitled Disgraced which is a play published in 2012 by an American novelist and screenwriter named Ayad Akhtar. The story tells about a couple lived a spacious apartment on New Yorks Upper East Side. Amir was a Pakistani man who worked as a corporate lawyer. He had a beautiful wife which profession was a painter. Both of them had a big dream. As a lawyer, Amir wanted to be a famous lawyer in America, while his wife, Emily wanted to make a big exhibition for her paintings. It was difficult for a Muslim to become a famous lawyer or anything because of sentimental feeling of American people about Muslim and Islam. It was getting more difficult when he was asked to help an Imam in a mosque named Imam Fareed. Fareed was accused for being a donator for a terrorist group named Hamas. Many news media proclaimed him as a lawyer who helped terrorists and it made his career faded. Otherwise, his wifes dream to have her own exhibition was reached. The climax was happened when this couple conducted a celebration party for Emilys exhibition with Emilys colleague Isaac and his wife Jory. After having a debate about Islam and Jewish with Isaac, Amir found out that his wife was once cheated on him with Isaac. Emily wanted to explain about it but Amir couldnt hold on his emotion again the he beat his wife brutally until his wife’s nose bleed. Emily directly left that house and they divorced. Once they met again in their house after their divorced. Amir was really sorry about what he has done and wanted Emily to be with him again but Emily refused it.

Now we will discuss about the feminism issues which are reflected on the story. The author takes the data from the story and then the author try to connect the data taken from the story with the relevant sources from internet and books.

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