Two zebras in New York by Marc Michel Amadry Review

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The following sample essay on Two zebras in New York by Marc Michel Amadry From the Gaza Strip rarely reach us good news, but often sad. About 1.7 million people crowding on the narrow neck of land, smaller than Bremen, between Israel to the east, Egypt to the south and the Mediterranean coast in the west. Politically it belongs to the Palestinian Territories. Again and again it is have a starting point for rocket attacks on Israel, the bloody reprisals result. Since 2007, the Islamist Hamas was elected to power, Israel has imposed a blockade on the country.

People suffering for decades under overpopulation, unemployment, reduced mobility, resource scarcity, export ban, destruction, radicalization of prospects …

If there is even a lack of food and water for the people, how should we then feed animals in a zoo? And why did a zoo, if it lacks the people the most elementary things

The second question already answered Jesus: “Man shall not live by bread alone.

” (Matthew 4.4) The first had the Zoobesitzer Mohammed Awaida in Gaza City daily deal, because his expenses were chronically higher than the income. One animal after another came in, and during the chaos of war he lost more animals. To the zoo – one of the few attractions for children and adults in a dreary environment – maintain, the staff taught how to embalm the corpse, and put the more or less lifelike groomed animals then returned to their cage. This is common in Gaza today practice.

In 2009, Mahmoud Barghouti had another creative idea.

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Because his two zebras were killed in the war, he hired an artist of the two domestic donkey sided with a black and white paint. The two “zebras” with unusually long ears and scream sounds were to attraction of the zoo and caused a stir in the international media.

The Swiss author Marc Michel Amadry came across a newspaper article and was inspired by this extraordinary action his novel ” Deux zèbres sur la 30e Rue  ” Marc Michel-Amadry:” Deux zèbres sur la 30e Rue “in” has translated the tender story that Herbert Fell, fits enriched output to contemplative Christmas time not only because of their message and the beautiful, cloth-bound and with four illustrations of Carla Nagel. Because the author exaggerated the little episode too. His protagonist Mahmoud Barghouti, the de facto isolated Palestinians exceeds seemingly unbridgeable borders and This adds Michel Amadry wears his message of optimism, of peace, friendship and love into the world. Further action which will results from the Zebra action and at the end – just after the Christmas holidays – four people in the freezing cold New York with Mahmoud merges. Each of these four is something missing in his previous life, everyone wants to align it differently. All four are in search of fulfilling their contents and a man to whom they can give something that she understands the stands confidence- and lovingly at her side. Although they already feel that they are their happiness close, but everyone needs a little push, so to speak, the fillip of a zebra.

Finally, the four successive and Mahmoud move to, each in its own “Trajectory “to it in a trivial hot dog stand on the corner of 30th street / 3rd Avenue to an inevitable” comes collision “with indescribable consequences. Like the protagonists are also “Do not believe your eyes. The surprise that awaits you, will be even greater than we thought.”

Marc Michel Amadry tells a heartwarming story that places the borders to kitsch and sentimentality exceeds. But his characters are likable, the plot is not unrealistic, the mood carefree, optimistic and encouraging. That is, I think, a lot to shut down for about two hours. After that, some banal everyday annoyance has become very small and made many stupid ass a graceful zebra …

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