Two Different Artists Claude Monet and Andy Warhol

Art is a creative way of expressing culture, values, passions, and feelings. Art varies consists of paintings, drawings, architecture, sculptures, music, fashions, etc. Two memorable artists with very different art styles are Claude Monet and Andy Warhol. Despite Monet’s and Warhol’s differences in time periods, backgrounds, and art styles, their art influenced many of society’s outlooks on life.

Claude Monet’s interest in art started at a young age. Oscar Claude Monet was born November 14, 1840, in Paris, France (Kalitina 27).

At about the age of five, he and his family moved to Le Havre, where his inspiration for art began (27) . Monet was a gifted child with a desire to express his appreciation for the beauty around him with art, but his father “turned a deaf ear to his son’s desire to become an artist” ( 27). He began his journey by drawing caricatures and portraits of his neighbors for money (27-30). These caricatures were displayed in the window of a frame shop, alongside a local artist named, Eugene Boudin (30).

Boudin saw his potential and “advised Monet to stop doing caricatures and to take up landscape painting instead” (30). Boudin was very influential in Monet’s art style and ability. Although Monet had minimal formal training, he still found ways to expand his artistic abilities, and impressed others with the talent he obtained through his adolescent years. After time, Monet had learned many skills that led to his new outlook on art. Through travel, he met many artists and found an appreciation for art that reflected “life around him and the beauties of nature” (34).

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His artistic style belonged to that of the Impressionism art movement.

The term impressionism was introduced in 1874 ( Brodskaia 246). Impressionism was built by artists that had “small colourful brush strokes,” and “the ability to transfer with the slightest shades of colour the trepidation of nature” (88). The first impressionist exhibit was ran by Monet because he wanted impressionists to “create a sensation and achieve success through an independent exhibition, and the others agreed with him” (Brodskaia 23). The start of this exhibit would open people’s minds to a simplistic way of presenting the beauty of nature and life through small brush strokes and use of shade and light. The impressionist movement challenged the Salon, which made it difficult to find a place for the exhibit, but they eventually found one and assembled one hundred and sixty-five paintings from thirty different artists (24). This was a big step in the making of Impressionism because it “marked the end of the neoclassical period that had begun during the Renaissance” (25). Impressionists went against the idea that paintings had to be linked to history, religious matters, or literature, and instead introduced the idea of painting based on observation (26). Impressionism broadened the horizons for art.

Monet, much like many other impressionists, painted based off of landscape. One of his well known artworks is the “San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk.” It was created in 1908. The San Giorgio Maggiore is a a famous island church in Venice, Italy. Monet and his wife traveled there by car. He created many scenes of this church and other Venice landscapes during their visit. This painting is a main example of Impressionism due to its use of bright colors to show the extent of the sunsets beauty with being detailed. Impressionism is about making the viewer see the realism by manipulating light and using colors rather than using major details (“Sunset in Venice, 1908 by Claude Monet”). Art has changed a lot between the Impressionism art movement to contemporary art.

Andy Warhol, a contemporary artist, is known for creating American pop art. Warhol was born August 6, 1968, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (Eisman). Warhol from an early age through college pursued his interest of copying magazine and newspaper advertisements (Eisman). . He graduated from college “with a bachelor of fine arts degree in pictorial design” (Eisman). Warhol sought to have a career involving art. He left for New York to become a commercial artist, where art style was heavily influenced by fashion magazines (Eisman). People began admiring Warhol’s work in the early 1950s, which led to experiences for him. These experiences inspired his outlook on the “uniqueness of America in the world” (Eisman).

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