Treatment of Phobias and Irrational Fears

Hypnosis has a wide range of clinical applications like pain management which has four stages focus one’s attention, 2. Deepening- to deepen one’s relaxation of the body for changes in the client’s experience of pain and Debriefing- to go over what transpired. Beyond taking a person (who was part of a study, etc.) throughout these common stages, an adviser may engage in changing or trying a different approach. They probably are going to want to focus on changing the feeling from pain to something else or on altering the patient’s attention away from the pain.

When hidden under patterns (of relationships, movement, or sound), (desires to do things/reasons to do things) or unresolved feelings are influencing pain, hypnosis can help the person (who was part of a study, etc.) unconsciously explore these things and get some (ending pain, swelling, etc.) for the hidden issues.

There are other ways of doing things for decreasing the sensitivity to pain and that is hypnoanalgesia.

The mission here is to use hypnosis in place of a (something that reduces pain) in hospitals during surgery to reduce nausea, pain, vomiting and the length of hospital stay. What began as somewhat (probably true), positive results for hypnoanalgesia has now been helped by well-controlled experiments. Another one is the treatment for phobias and irrational fears now a bit of explanation about what a phobia is a intense fear over something that doesn’t really carry any real threat or danger to the person common phobias include closed in places, heights, clowns , insects, snakes and needles some phobias start as early as childhood or later in life as for an irrational fear they are minor fears that everyone has like spiders for example but when they become so extreme they cause huge fear and stress and interfere with your usual life, they’re called phobias as for treatment hypnotherapy can be used to treat the patient through hypnotherapy, the bottom line cause of the phobia may be discovered.

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The phobia was probably caused by something that happened in the patients past that he/she cannot remember this is also called repression, the mind holds back the traumatic memories from the conscious mind until the patient is ready to deal with the memory again. Hypnotherapy can also eliminate the habituated responses that happened during the different situations. The patient is placed into a trance, it’s an extremely relaxed state in which the unconscious can be retrieved. This relaxed stated makes the person more open to suggestions, that can help the patient get their desired change. Purposely addressing the old memories helps the person understand what happened and see it in a less threatening light.

Of course, there are pro and cons to hypnotherapy a pro being the session is short so they tend to be done in about 1-2 hours that means less time out of your schedule and more time to work on your issue another one being that hypnotherapy is convenient. No matter where you live there are chances that there is a number of them working in your area the convenience factor is a major advantage compare to other forms of treatment as for the cons not everyone is as responsive to hypnotherapy as others are its actually a very small number of people who can’t be hypnotized meaning the therapy won’t work for you also you never know If your hypnotherapy sessions will be covered by your health insurance program meaning you will end up having a big bill to pay in the end .

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