Trade Contributions From Colombia

Colombia When the average North American thinks about possible world trade contributions from a South American country such as Colombia, the first goods that typically come to their minds are tropical fruits, nuts, coffee, and spices. Though many South American countries do export a large percentage of the world’s consumable goods, these countries also make other very significant and diverse contributions to various nations across the globe. Colombia is no exception. One might be surprised to discover that Colombia has a new and quite unlikely booming market: entertainment.

According to “Colombian Trade Promotion” by Maria Claudia Lacouture, “Colombia (currently holds] a position as an emerging global service provider.” Colombian companies have been able to gain recognition for their talents and services in a wide array of industries such as film, video game development and even medical tourism. While these areas of export are highly non-traditional for the nation of Colombia, they have each proven to be highly successful investments. One reason behind this success is the unmatched enthusiasm of Colombian producers and businesses.

Being exposed to a new field of work and nascent opportunities makes for exceedingly passionate entrepreneurs, who are eager to take advantage of their new found chances to pursue their passions and make a hefty profit along the way.

In addition to these incredibly eager budding business owners and ardent new employees, Colombian industries possess an additional key factor which truly distinguishes them as highly superior to all of their competitors. This factor is, quite simply, their incredibly low cost.

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Their inexpensive production and service costs essentially make them extraordinarily low risk candidates for investment. This attracts a Colombia surplus of buyers and investors to the newly established Colombian companies, and has proven to be an incredibly effective marketing strategy.

Contrary to the assumption that one might make upon reading the former portion of this essay, Colombian corporations are not simply able to create businesses that spontaneously flourish into realms of virtually unmatched success. As any other company does, they too must advertise each of their companies to international buyers and investors in order to attract the necessary popularity, attention and recognition in order to experience economic growth. This is especially important due to the fact that the recent focus of Colombia’s businesses have been media, film, technology and entertainment.

In order to advertise, these businesses primarily rely on international conventions, trade fairs, conferences and film festivals. At locations such as these, businesses are given the chance to adequately exemplify both the high quality and high value of their products, services and areas of expertise. Not only do participating companies have the opportunity to display what they have to offer, but many of these international conferences provide the training and experience which allow the participating businesses, business owners and potential buyers alike to improve their skills.

North Americans, specifically those who are life-long residents of the United States of America, generally tend to hold the belief that the U.S. is the most superior nation in the world. The United States’ is a culturally arrogant country, who often ignores the contributions and importance of other nations. I believe that by broadening Colombia’s exports to areas of advanced technology and entertainment, Colombia is indirectly helping to dissolve the stigma that South America consists solely of undeveloped third world countries.

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