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War Essay Examples

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People’s Republic of China’s Intervention in the Korean War of l950

Twentieth century has witnessed the most cataclysmic civil struggle in history, the Korean War of l950 which developed in the partition of Korea after World War II. When North Korean forces supported by the Soviet Union, attacked South Korea on June 25, 1950, the United Nations, headed by the United States along with other countries,…

Six Day War

Important historical events play an essential role in understanding the present situation of a country, as well as in foreseeing its future condition. This is due to the fact that these serve as a basis in analyzing the previous decisions and actions of those officials in the government and how these affected the general public…

Is Science a Boon or Bane

Every coin have two faces. The same science which has been of such great assistance to mankind has another face. Science which has bestowed us with development, progress, expansion and growth has also brandished us with hostilities, destruction, violence, ruin, devastation, annihilation bloodshed, carnage and obliteration. Gone are the days when peace and tranquility used…



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War Ethics & Trauma of Soldiers: Commonest Global Issues

While there may be strong arguments toward justifying the war under certain circumstances, no argument can be raised that war experiences are diverse and exceedingly traumatic. They can bring appalling psychological effects to war veterans that could leave invisible battle scars that take longer time to heal than actual wounds. The proven negative impact of…

Unjust War

War is a very sensitive subject that most people have very opinionated and specific ideas about. Some believe that war can be a justifiable operation and others recognize it as an unjust act that harms human life. No matter what side you look at both opinions can generally agree that resorting to war risks human…

The First World War – The Stalemate on the Western Front

Question 1: Source A at first glance doesn’t appear to tell us very much about why the war went on for as long as it did. It appears to be poem about two soldiers who met the general and shows at the end how he was responsible for their deaths in his plan of attack….

The Impact of the Second World War on a London Borough: Bexley 1939-1945

Bexley is a small London borough near Kent. Throughout the war, the Germans carried out air raid attacks, and Bexley was under threat as was the rest of the UK. Therefore residents and the government decided to arrange some strict guidelines and precautions that were to be enforced. Gas masks were distributed to people of…

World War One

1. When answering this question we must first consider many things. First of all I will analyse source A. It is a secondary source which means that lots of sources have been available to the writer before he wrote it, so he could of taken them all into account. The passage is also not likely…

How the experience of soldiers fighting on the frontline varied and changed throughout the war

The First World War was one of constant changes as new concepts, strategies and issues were developed to achieve the ideal outcome: victory. However, it was also a war that was at a standstill where variations to a number of factors were unlikely to occur in the short term. Thus, soldiers experienced a war of…

Blitz – creative writing

There were mixed feelings and emotions between the people during the war but everyone seemed to stay strong and act as if nothing was going on. Even though their own town was being blown apart and a lot of people were dying, they tried to keep their heads high. Of course there were a lot…

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