Preparing for war

It’s about 6:30 am on Omaha beach, me and my men are packed on boats, preparing for war. I can see the fear and anxiety on the soldier’s faces and how stress they are, huddled together like a tin of sardines. As Captain of 3rd Regiment I need to be calm, yet I am quietly Read More

Russo Japanese War

The revolution of 1905 was as you could say, not expected. Russia wasn’t developed in any way, being a communist country before 1905. Karl Marx said that society in Russia was feudal, with the majority of the country being known to be Serfs, peasants who look after the land. The whole of Russia was always Read More

The Falklands War

I am going to choose to do the Falklands War, which started in April1982. The Falkland Islands are situated just off the east coast of Argentina in South America. The cause of the war was when the Argentine Junta invaded the island encountering little or no resistance from people living on the islands. They did Read More

The Origins of War

There are many ways in starting any war. As we have seen in the past there are good examples where we could say and analyze these causes and link many of the facts or factors that lead to war. It’s not easy to find what or who was the main ingredient that caused the war Read More

Life in the Trenches

Today, we were once again heavily bombarding the German lines. It was a routine thing nowadays. Some of the more experienced soldiers didn’t even notice the heavy German response bombardments that were every second posing a threat to their lives. As we heard a shell landing, we heard attentively just to make sure it wasn’t Read More

Propaganda, Recruitment and Resistance: The Home Front 1914-1918

When war broke out, the British army was professional but small. The government desperately needed a lot more troops, and they turned their heads straight to recruitment. Britain was very different to its allies in recruitment; they started the war recruiting volunteers. The Government believed that as tradition, they should not force any men into Read More

War in the Air

If there was a war today, aircraft would be used for the following reasons, parachuting soldiers into enemy lines, bombing enemy countries, transporting supplies to troops, spying on the enemy, observe aircraft carriers to gain valuable information about operations in the enemy lines. In 1914 planes were not as useful and were mainly used to Read More

Blitz – creative writing

There were mixed feelings and emotions between the people during the war but everyone seemed to stay strong and act as if nothing was going on. Even though their own town was being blown apart and a lot of people were dying, they tried to keep their heads high. Of course there were a lot Read More