My Papa’s Waltz

There are many excellent poets. One of which is Theodore Roethke, who has written many pieces that leave the writer confused about what he may really want to convey through his pieces. “His mother sent him to Arthur Hill School because she was opposed to sending him to Saginaw High”. At Arthur Hill School, Roethke Read More

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What if a man discovered that his father is actually his stepfather and that his mother was murdered

“In order to understand our past we must face our inner demons.” Character List: Michael Foley (P.O.V.) Characterisation: Occupation: A stockbroker through his fathers business; he is career minded and focuses on nothing else. Physical appearance: Michael is a tall, dark and handsome type of person. He is always well dressed. He wears a smart Read More

The Sailmaker – review

These were the optimistic and boastful words of a young boy who was proud of his father and his trade but throughout the play Alec’s faith in his father was dwindling down to nothing and by the end of the play it was all but diminished when he summed up his feelings and his fathers Read More

The pressure was on

Every move a player made was critical. The coaches screamed out commands as the players tried to execute the perfect play. It was a nail biter. With seconds left in the forth quarter we were up by two against our arch-rival, a moment when every competitor would want to be in the game. “7… 6… Read More

The Happy Young Man

Once upon a time there was a young man who lived in the heart of a dirty, noisy city. From the doorway of his house he looked over the broken fence to the grimy, blackened bricks of the houses beyond, where dingy curtains hung limply from the lifeless windows. Rusty tin cans and broken glass Read More

The Man I Killed

War has been a part of American lives since the beginning of time. Kids are brought up with the thought that they might be sent off to fight for their country. It has become such a serious part of our lives that there are actually required courses for students going through high school that often Read More

Hope – Story

He laid there, cold and confused. His long brown hair matted to the split ends that had become stiff and frozen with a white crisp layer all over. Disgraceful cloths covered his body, all one colour now but before his joyful and vivid personality shined through. Although his trainers were on, his feet touched the Read More

The Big Red Bow

“Mom! Mom! I want that one, that one! The BIG red bow all the way up there! Can you get it for me please? Pleaseeeeeeeee, Mommie? ” “Oh alright. But you can only get one, so choose carefully. ” She sighs and looks up. She tips toe and grabs the bow down for her daughter. Read More

Short Story paper

You never realise how fast time flies. I flipped the photo album shut and threw myself back on the bed sheets. It were as if I was losing a part of history, information falling from my hands. Although it strikes me that talking of someone in this way is somewhat disrespectful and subconsciously taxing, I Read More