Tommorrow When The War Began

Huh (Sigh)… I’m so tired, frustrated and just annoyed. I’m sick of this stupid senseless war, I wish it never began. If only I could go back to the ways things were before. No longer would I have to sleep in this daggy, old sleeping bag. No longer would I have to live in such Read More

Mr Rochester

When I awoke this morning I was feeling very happy knowing that in just acouple of hours I would be marrying the man I love. I did not expect today to turn out like it did. After I awoke I was almost immediately interrupted by Sophie. She came at seven to help me dress, I Read More

Grim ghost story

The year of 1943 was an exciting one for the Rivers children. In January, Jane, Andrew and Richard were moved to the country for fear of the Blitz in London. They were taken by train in a packed carriage full of children to a small village by the name of Longside. Mr Wayne Lambert, an Read More

Curiosity killed the cat

This is all my fault. That’s why I’m here. My Stupidity. If only I knew. I wouldn’t have done it. How long have I been sitting here? I don’t even know. On the damp, cold, mouldy floor. That’s where I’m sitting. I’m much better than this. I should be out there, earning myself some money Read More

The traveller

The traveller sees the signalman as a dark sallow man with a dark beard and bushy eyebrows. The traveller is quite daunted by the signalman and finds it difficult to initially address him. The traveller also has the thought that the signalman may be some kind of ghost himself. He also initially believed that the Read More

Tale of terror

Since this passage originates from a tale of terror, it will rely on certain techniques to attain a specific ambience based on that of fear and surprise. In an attempt to achieve this “shock-factor” effectively, the author endeavours to develop an eerie atmosphere particularly focusing on a sense of foreboding due to a fear of Read More

The Long and The Short and The Tall

Mitchem sapres the prisoners life as he intends to take the prisoner back to camp with them for interrogation, as shown on page 40, ‘we’re taking this boy back to camp with us’. Mitchem orders for the prisoner not to be killed as he sees the bigger picture of the war. Mitchem thinks that if Read More

The Fury

The dark cloud of rage arose in Mrs Fletcher’s body; she began to tremble with hatred, she was like a bomb about to explode if the right wire wasn’t cut. For what had seemed like happiness was suddenly washed down the drain. Her one and only had unexpectedly deserted in her in the now abandoned Read More