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Sociology Essay Examples

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Class identities are created during primary socialisation

The concept ‘class identity’ refers to an individual’s position in society based upon wealth, employment, materialism and education. Each of these assets contributes to determine one’s socioeconomic status. The contemporary UK arguably consists of four predominant classes: the underclass, the working class, the middle ‘classes’ and finally, the upper class. Each class consists of certain…

Subcultural theories

Subcultural theories examine the behaviour and actions of various groups within society – groups with either reject or depart from the traditional norms and views of the majority. These groups are referred to as subcultures, and subcultural theories attempt to explain why these groups – most are concerned with “youth gangs” and gang delinquency –…

Social Control and the Salem Witch Trials

In life, individuals form groups to obtain a desired good more effectively. This good typically cannot be produced individually, and this particular good’s availability is generally limited outside the group. Thus, it seems that it is in an individual’s best interest to remain a part of this group and work effectively with other members to…



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What is the difference between brute, social, and institutional facts

Searle starts his explanation of social reality by outlining ‘brute’ or observer independent facts. Searle is a realist and does not subscribe to the view that ‘all of reality is somehow a human creation’ and that there are ‘only facts dependant on the human mind’. The foundation of Searle’s construction of social reality to use…

Why does group polarisation occur

Group polarisation refers to the tendency for groups to make more extreme decisions or judgements after discussion when compared to the initial views of group members. This phenomenon has interested psychologists since 1961, when Stoner discovered the risky shift, and is central to understanding social influence in groups; therefore the major theories of social influence…

‘McDonald’s stands for American cultural imperialism’

Consideration of the facts, statistics and the phenomenal growth of McDonalds- with a product that is closely associated with American culture- makes McDonalds a form of representation of ‘American cultural imperialism’ on rest of the world. The essay considers different perspectives about the issue; for example, McDonalds as a global organisation, its justification for the…

Is altruism or helping behaviour decreasing as people live in larger and more dangerous cities

Imagine a world where people give of themselves simply because they want to. Not out of a sense of debt. Or because they want something in return. No ulterior motives. No guilt feelings. Just a desire to give for the sake of giving. Imagine a world where people helping their fellow human beings in distress,…

How much control do we have in shaping our own identities

The amount of control we have over shaping our own identities brings about a tension between the personal and the social and thus between structure and agency. I will explore these tensions in the context of social constraints such as migration, ethnic diversity, gender and occupation. Firstly there is the question of how identities are…

How You Would Develop An Attitude Measure Using Either The Thurstone Method Or The Likert Method

There is no single, universally accepted definition of attitude. However, several authors seem to agree that attitude may be thought of in terms of “a tendency to evaluate a stimulus with some degree of favour of disfavour, usually expressed in cognitive, affective, or behavioural responses” (Watkins, Christopher – Attitude Measurement: A Methodological Approach. Unpublished Essay)….

Erving Goffman: Dramaturgy, Symbolic Interactionism, and presentation of self

Erving Goffman is generally associated with the ideas and concepts of symbolic interactionism and was strongly influenced by the work of George Herbert Mead. Goffman was interested in exploring human interactions and how people presented themselves in everyday settings, especially in public places. This led to one of Goffman’s key works in sociology, ‘The Presentation…

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