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Russia Essay Examples

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Red Tsar

When Stalin rose to power in 1929 he claimed to the Russian public that he was a devote follower of Leninism; his slogan ‘Lenin is always with us’1 meant that Stalin wanted to show how similar he was to Lenin. However Stalin asserted his power at the head of government much like the Tsars by…

Was Nicholas II a good ruler for Russia

In some ways Nicholas II had some of the qualities necessary to be a successful Tsar. For instance, he had characteristics that could have benefitted him such as his loyalty and intelligence, shown in source 12, “Nicholas was not a stupid man …Nicholas loved his country and served it loyally and to the best of…

Khrushchev was the most successful leader of Russia

Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev was and remains Russia’s most conscientious leader, who correctly identified problems within Russia and the first to initiate fundamental change, which would bring about sustained prosperity and stability within all aspects of Russia. In order to implement this, Khrushchev had either rejected previous policies for their failure or weaknesses to adequately work,…



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To What Extent Did Alexander II fundamentally transform Russia

Alexander II held the title ‘Liberator’ due to his leading role in the radical reforms that took place in Russia from 1855. The Tsar greatly benefited from Russia’s autocratic style government and took the drastic changes as a way of preserving this. Russia was beginning to fall behind in comparison to other powers, e. g….

How effectively did Alexander II cope with the problems which faced him on his succession

Alexander II came to the throne in 1855, following Russia’s defeat in the Crimean war. The effects of this left Russia devastated. The war highlighted the ‘backwardness’ of Russia’s society and subsequent inability of the army and economy. Alexander had no sympathy for radical or liberal ideas, but he recognised that some improvements were necessary…

It was with politics that the problem lay

The problems facing Russia in 1900 were widespread. Although they included the political system, the society as a whole was backward and the wealth was poorly distributed. This is not to say political system was not out-dated, or that this was not a problem. However, the problems of early 20th Century Russia tended to be…

History of Russia 1812-1945

The economic basis of the nobility was the land. By the beginning of the 19th century private estates were everywhere worked by peasant serfs, who were by far the most numerous class in the State, and who were entirely deprived of political and personal rights. The bonds of serfdom had been strengthened during the 18th…

During the period 800 – 1800 various rulers of Russia based their approach to government primarily on Mongol methods

Mongol rule over Russia is considered to have lasted from 1220to 1480, a century longer than in China or Persia. The Mongol Empire and its successor states, including the Golden Horde, owed much to their flexible and creative administration and to the legacy of Genghis Khan’s charismatic leadership and political abilities. Occupation of southern Russia…

Russia – political past, present and future

Russia never associated as a democracy in anyone’s mind. It had always been an authoritarian regime of different species and developed a mentality, which creates an almost unsurpassable obstacle for democratic development. Unlike Britain, which took gradual and methodical steps towards democracy, Russia always had abrupt and extreme changes that always created chaos and significantly…

How did governments in pre – revolutionary Russia deal with social and political unrest

Social, political and economical unrest was not unheard of in pre – revolutionary Russia. The Tsarist government being as stubborn as they were chose to take a series of measures which they thought would control the masses of revolutionaries. These measures were often carried out in extreme ways, which in-turn created a greater hatred for…

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