Changing Attitudes Towards Poverty, 1880 – 1914

At the start of our period in 1880 and up until World War I changing attitudes towards poverty certainly seemed to be the most important development. Though successive pre-war governments had to face other major problems – the increasingly vociferous demands of the WSPU and NUWSS for the vote and problems in Ireland – they Read More

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Poverty and welfare models

Sociologists have defined poverty in two different ways, the first being absolute poverty and the second being relative poverty. Seebohm Rowntree, a pioneering researcher of poverty, devised the absolute definition of poverty in the early 19th century in England. In the 1890s, he conducted a scientific survey to discover the real extent of poverty in Read More

A Rickshaw Puller

A rickshaw puller is a poor man. He toils hard for the whole day, from morning till late night. HIS life Is hard. He earns his livelihood by driving a rickshaw. He pulls the rickshaw In scorching sun, at chill winter nights and even In heavy rains. He Is a useful member of our society. Read More


Everybody has his or her own definition of what poverty is; whether it’s not having enough money to survive or not being able to receive the education one needs to make a living. First, the definition and different types of poverty will be given. Second, the effects poverty has on children and education will be Read More

Impacts of Poverty in Bangladesh

Car horns blast in the hazy darkness. It is 10pm. Babu is waiting to make his bed. ‘This is where I sleep,’ he says quietly in Bengali. Next to Babu’s bed, a fetid dark liquid scattered with scraps of litter oozes from the cracks in the road. To use the public toilets, they have to Read More

Poverty in United States

Efforts have been made in this essay to introduce the concept of poverty by defining it in simple understandable language and commenting on the various aspects determining poverty. The main body of the essay, however, deals with the poverty issues prevalent in the United States; their causes and remedial measures, highlighting the government efforts to Read More

Poverty and Education

I am well aware that there is poverty, I know that it is a problem, what I did not know however is how debilitating it could be for children in the U. S. The preconceived notion was that these kids are still going to get some sort of state support, public education is still available Read More

Poverty in the US

There are real situations behind the mainstream segments of America which are left unattended. Coverage on the backstreets and alleys of the United States are being kept away from the limelight. The public seems to be uninterested in the actual stories and events surrounding those people who are living within and below the poverty line. Read More