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International Relations

Science through out history has been the pursuit of truth: testable, quantitative truth. Political science is just the same — with out any of the tangibility of other doctrines. International Relations (henceforth referred to as “IR”) has many theories that attempt to define the actions of states in modern politics, the only problem with these Read More

International Relations Theory

In the current Hobbesian world, true security depends on the possession and use of military might. Some argue, however, that liberalism or even constructivism has replaced realism as the proper lens through which to view the international system. Proponents of liberalism often cite Europe’s ever increasing use of laws, transnational negotiations, and cooperation or the Read More

Introduction to International Relations

The concept of the Security Dilemma asserts that in an anarchical international system, states will take actions that will make their state more secure, while concurrently–and unintentionally–menacing other states and making them less secure. Prior to discussing the Security Dilemma, it is necessary to evaluate why states are inclined to pursue power–and what the implications Read More

Argue the case both for and against the suggestion that sovereignty is of declining significance in international relations

“It is too facile to claim that, in a globalised world, the age of state is dead, although it is also now much harder to sustain the argument that the state is all-powerful” (McCrone quoted in Tierney, 2005, 171) Realists claim the sovereign state the central actor in international politics. Indeed, most theories of international Read More

Why has the EU kept Turkey waiting so long for membership

The official relations between the EU and Turkey began in 1963 with the Ankara Agreement, which should harmonize Turkey’s economy and state with the EEC and should eventually lead to full membership of Turkey. The country submitted its application for full membership in 1987 but it took another twelve years until the EU finally recognized Read More

European security and defence identity

This essay will argue that the EU does not have the political will (consensus) or the military capability to control their security without support from NATO. Additionally, the creation of a pan European defence force does not mean the beginning of the end for a European role in NATO. The time frame for this essay Read More

The European Union

All states feel the same pressures felt by other states, therefore, alliances are made in order to become stronger as a unit and to confront a common problem or a superior power. The European Union is the best example of multilateral state cooperation. The post Second World War period and post cold war period saw Read More