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Poetry Essay Examples

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Poem Analysis: The Little Boy Lost vs. The Little Girl Lost

A belief of envisioning a future to seek your creator is a task many people, young or old, continue to accomplish today. William Blake’s two poems from Songs of Experience: “The Little Boy  Lost” and “The Little Girl Lost” recognizes two children of different genders living through a time of need. The narrator in these…

The Spider and the Fly

In the famous poem “The Spider and the Fly” written in 1829, Mary Howitt writes of a spider who cunningly persuades a fly to visit his parlor through flattery and carefully chosen words. The fly at first resists, but eventually falls prey to vanity, and, when the spider has disappeared, flutters Into the parlor, only…

Carol Ann Duffy – Psychopath and Poet

Carol Ann Duffy presents to the reader through her poetry many views she has on society. Her recent poetry portrays her views on the treatment of females and how in the past they have not been given true status in society. Duffy is a strong feminist and I think that the fact that she was…



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On the Idle Hill and The Drum

War, in any shape or form, affects people in many different ways. Many people choose to express their feelings and experiences of war in poems. The two poems I have chosen all have different moods, structures and rhythms but their meaning is all the same- war is ruthless, terrifying and pointless. The poem ‘On the…

Compare and Contrast Poems by Sassoon and by Owen, how they bring out their treatment of war

The horror of war influenced these two great poets to express their disgust in poems. They both, however use contrasting styles: Owen chooses to express his disgust and anger through poems that give the reader a precise picture of what the war was really like; whereas Sassoon was an officer who protested against the way…

Anthem of doomed Youth and Dulce Et Decorum Est

Anthem of doomed Youth is one of Owen’s most famous poems and one over, which he took great pains. The poem is written in sonnet form. The poem is a long comparison between the elaborate ceremonial of a Victorian-style funeral and the way in which men go to death in the Western Front. The poem…

War Poetry

‘Into the stuff of his thought and utterance, whether he be on active service or not, the poet-interpreter of war weaves these intentions, and cooperates with his fellows in building up a little higher and better, from time to time, that edifice of truth for whose completion can be spared no human experience, no human…

Wilfred Owen’s War Poetry

An author’s context always has a substantial influence on the text’s they write. We will also find this holds true for poetry, if not more so. Poetry is often considered a collection of emotions generated from its writer and we can see this by not only analysing a poem, but by taking into consideration the…

Jessie Pope’s poem “Who’s for the game?”

Although both of these poems deal with the subject of war, the poets’ attitude towards war differs dramatically. Jessie Pope’s poem “Who’s for the game?” supports war and encourages young men to go off and fight. The whole poem plays heavily on the young men’s guilt and promotes the so-called glory of war. Wilfred Owen’s…

After Blenheim by Robert Southey and Drummer Hodge by Thomas Hardy

‘After Blenheim’ is a poem written by Robert Southey in 1798. It is about an old man named Kasper. Kasper is telling his grandchildren, Peterkin and Wilhelmine, about the Battle of Blenheim (1704) during the Franco Prussian War. It was written to give an anti-war message because of the situation between England and France. Hardy…

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