“Those Winter Sundays”

The poem, “Those Winter Sundays,” written by Robert Hayden showed me the true love and devotion of a father. Throughout the poem, Robert used very descriptive words that painted a very clear picture time and time again in my head. Every time I read this poem I was able to get a better idea of Read More

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Poems on Race

Race is an issue that has played a huge in American for years and has prevented people from being who they want to be. People act differently in certain situations so they would be accepted by a group of people or society as a whole. In Natasha Trethewey’s poems “Flounder”, “White Lies”, “Microscope”, and “Saturday Read More

The Intellect And The Heart

Messages from the soul that began by naming things, and which in time grew into still longer, more intricate stories, are still with us today. We call these messages the same thing we did in ancient times: poetry, which is itself derived from the ancient Greek root, poiein: “to make”. Not to write lines, meter, Read More

“My Grandmother” and discuss in what ways this poem is effective

This poem is an effective character portrait of an old woman, Elizabeth Jennings grandmother, who replaces friendship and companionship with antiques and objects. It’s from the viewpoint of the granddaughter looking back on their relationship. Elizabeth Jennings uses simple statements, which clearly describes her grandmother. Her poems are autobiographical, looking back and reflecting on the Read More

Hawk Roosting

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men. ” – Lord Acton. This is often true, especially when some of the most powerful rulers such as Hitler and Mussolini were bloodthirsty and merciless dictators. To many, Stalin was the epitome of a sadistic, power-hungry tyrant, in complete Read More

‘Mother of the Groom’

‘Mother of the Groom’ is a poem about the feelings, thoughts and memories that the groom’s mother feels on her son’s wedding day. The mother thinks back to the days when her son was a baby. The poem is written by the Irish poet Seamus Heaney. Heaney uses a third person technique to describe the Read More

Back in the Playground Blues

The poem “Back in the Playground Blues” written by Adrian Mitchell is about a boy remembering about the time that he was at the playground. The poem is written in first person, and the “I” of the poem is completely scared of the playground. He remembered the time which he was there and of how Read More

The Hunter Trials

‘Hunter Trials’ is a humorous poem written by renowned author John Betjemen. The poem captures the thoughts and feelings of a young girl who is competing in a gymkhana. The overall structure and vocabulary of the poem is uncomplicated and therefore adds interest and comedy to the text. The poem contains eight verses, each of Read More

An Analysis of a favourite Grace Nichols Poem – Fear

As the essay title states I am going to analyse a Poem written by Grace Nichols. Grace was born in Georgetown, Guyana, when finished school she went to university and then had several jobs before moving to England in 1977. Nichols then wrote poems mainly about racially sensitive topics, motherhood and sexuality. The poem, which Read More

Love and Relationships

The poem we have been given to study is called ‘First Ice’. The author of this poem is unknown to us. Through this essay, my main focus will be on love and relationships, what emotions are discovered, what atmospheres this creates, and what effect this all has on the audience. The poem at first did Read More