Scene 10, The Open Ground

Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter is a play set during WWII. It is based in the Forest of Dean in the West Country. It follows a group of seven-year-old children as they play together on a hot summer’s day in 1942. In this essay, I am going to discuss how I could play the Read More

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Time Pressure and the Meaning of Existence in SI Witkiewitcz’s “The Crazy Locomotive”

The Crazy Locomotive is an existentialist play that in highly refined philosophical manner searches for an explanation of human existence in constructed society and offers a glimpse into the Absolute. Witkiewicz confronts the audience with a type of drama which is disturbing, grotesque, modern and nevertheless extrapolating on knowledge from the past, such as his Read More

‘Top girls’ by Caryl Churchill

Top Girls is a play based on social realism in the 1980’s when it is set. The play is set around Marline a business woman who has sacrificed her child and love to reach the place in society she is now at the play looks at how she compares to woman in history. It looks Read More

Life After George

I didn’t have the opportunity to see Hannie Rayson’s first play Life After George and I couldn’t be more disappointed, especially after seeing her latest play Inheritance. Inheritance is a wonderful piece of work. It is a sensitive, tender play, witty and sophisticated at the same time. It is also a very deep piece of Read More

Simply Heavenly

Simply Heavenly, a good choice for the name of this play as it fits in with the theme of love and relationships. There’s also a link with the lead ‘Jesse B Simple’, who proves to be a very simple man who eventually battles his way through dilemmas and obstacles to find his idea of heaven, Read More

Who’s Life is it Anyway

Brian Clark uses a number of techniques to dramatise the Euthanasia Debate in his play, “Who’s Life is it Anyway”. Euthanasia is the means by which a person has the freedom of choice over whether they live or die. In the play there are two main arguments concerning this issue. One argument saying that a Read More