This house would ban IPMS

Hello everyone, I’m Nicky we are the opposition and strongly believe IPMs should not be banned; on the contrary we believe it is an integral part of our education. Today, I will be the 1st speaker, Tim will be 2nd and Tom will be 3rd speaker. IPM is interim pupil monitoring which is done every Read More

Photographs Essay

I was a very cute toddler; I’ve seen the photographs, they’re the only colour I have on my plain white walls. All I have are my pictures and the only person allowed to see them besides myself is Sally. She’d the only one who stayed, mommy used to come all the time but not anymore. Read More

Travel writing – describing my local area

The weather was very bitter and gloomy in mid December. The weather had suddenly changed during the afternoon, the rain was falling profoundly and the dark sky was like it had been covered in black soot, rain was spitting violently. I felt extremely abandoned; I went out onto the dark pathway around dusk and looked Read More

How is America beautiful

I will tell you about it. It was a cold Novemeber day; the air was clear and fresh. My my family and I were hiking in Sequoia National Park. The trail we chose curled up the mountain through a jungle of big Sequoias and snow covered rocks. We were told that we would have an Read More

The Hitcher

Hesitating, for a car stop. Car after car drives past me without noticing my half dead thumb, struggling to hold itself together. My fingers colder than the snow itself have lost their will to move. I know that my fingers are there, but they just won’t move. An explosion of the arctic air speared through Read More

My Holiday at Crieff Hydro

The last bag was being squashed into the car when my brother decided to take his golf clubs with him, so they ended up in the back seat with me even though I had a tennis handle pocking in my right side. Then I now had big golf cubs rattling on my left. Now that Read More

The day that changed my life

It all started off as just a normal Wednesday. I arrived at High Cross Riding School. This was the day I have my regular lesson. Rosie, a ten-year-old brown mare with a white star on her forehead, comes right up to the edge of the pen to see me. She is a very reserved, dignified Read More

The door slammed to be opened again

It all started on a normal Friday morning. I was eating my breakfast: it was cereal whilst I was eating my cereal I started to think about how boring my day was going to be. While I was day dreaming I didn’t realise the time and I was suddenly awaken by my mum saying “Come Read More

My Journey to Black Belt

I think that an increase in self-confidence and a heightened awareness of my abilities and limitations is the greatest lessons I learned in my journey to black belt. I feel I am more disciplined, both physically and psychologically, than the “newbie” of me when I first started my TKD training. However, I think I now Read More

A Close Call

Driving on the highway with my family I saw a terrible accident. Cars crashed, blood on the road, people crying. All this reminded of what I had been through. It has been six years but it still seems as if it was yesterday. Each and every detail is still vividly engraved in me. Whenever I Read More