Your Shoes

The music downstairs is blasting away! I’ve told you time and time again to turn it down I yell, but to no avail. I climb slowly and wirily out of bed glancing swiftly at the small alarm clock by my bed, tick tock it mocks me, a reminder of another time, another place, another life. Read More

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Life was good. I had achieved everything I had intended to as a young child. Apart from owning my own jet plane and a coffee house I managed to realize most of my dreams, which included very undemanding things of me. I was an employee of the English Railway; I resided in a respectable locale Read More

Describe an Exam room

I entered the room at nine forty five; I could sense the activity that had taken place in the room, knowing that I will have to put my skills to pass this stage. The officer pointed at my seat, as I walked towards my seat, the adrenaline in my body was building and my face Read More

Personal Life Paper

Maybe if I didn’t give in too early, then it might have been different. Mum always told me to watch out. I didn’t listen. I just didn’t listen. As I reluctantly woke up that morning feeling extremely tired. The scent of the honeysuckle floated dreamily through the air. Beaming in through my window, the sun’s Read More

My Best Friend

My mother gave me the most useful advice for the relationship between my best friend Mike, and myself. “A boy and girl can never be just best friends, because eventually they will fall for each other, maybe not on purpose, maybe not at the same time, and maybe forever. ” She summed up everything that Read More

Personal development essay

Time management can be defined as the management of time that enables someone to make the most out of it. Time management is a very important factor that helps a student achieve success as an independent learner (Macleod-Brudenell et al, 2004). As a student I am responsible for organizing most of my study time. When Read More

Travel writing

I remember when we were first told about the exchange with a school in Germany. A few of my friends and me decided to take part. We thought that it would be a great relaxing week away together as a group. The only thing that dampened our thoughts was the idea of staying with a Read More

Elementary school

As an elementary school teacher there comes a time at the end of every day where the average red-blooded American man needs to identify the means by which he will maintain his frail grasp on reality. A place of solace and comfort where he ponders how it was exactly that he embarked on this emotionally Read More

Study skills development

The purpose of this assignment is to show the way I have explored different ways of learning. To do this I will expand my knowledge in one of the major groups of mental health illnesses `psychosis` and also reflect upon my study skills development. I was first introduced to the effects of Psychosis whilst working Read More