Evaluating Opportunities for Revenue Management

Within the restaurant, airline & hotel industries the characteristics that feature most prominently are Intangibility, perishability & variability. All these industries use these characteristics to their own advantage to enable them to attract new customers & also retain their current customers. Intangibility is a characteristic that all the industries have & play a part in Read More

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Strategic Procurement Management

The traditional purchasing methods of procuring materials and services have evolved over the last 20 years and to-day is often referred to as “Supply Chain Management”. The simple definition of “supply chain management” is the “integration of all organisations involved in supporting the customer with a quality product utilising inventory in the most effective and Read More

Principles of Scientific Management

Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856 – 1915), is said to be the ‘father of scientific management’. Taylor’s theories on efficient management emerged in a late 19th century/early 20th Century context when industries were experiencing rapid growth in both size and complexity. His concepts form the basis of modern management as we know it today. This essay Read More

Strategic management

Compare and contrast the approaches taken by a selected organisation to strategic planning on one hand and organizational development on the other. Consider the extent to which there is an adequate strategic management framework in place to harness the two processes effectively. So what do we mean by strategic management? Thompson J. (1997 p1128) succinctly Read More

The Model of Comprehensive Psychosocial Enhancement Practice

Following the Model of Comprehensive Psychosocial Enhancement Practice outlined in text, Case Management; Integrating Individual and Community Practice, this paper will present a hypothetical case management scenario. This paper will begin with an introduction to the fictitious client. This writer will play the role of a case manager and provide services to the client. A Read More

HR Management Alignment

HR management alignment means linking organizational goals with the employee’s personal goals ( Boswell 2006 ). In order to achieve a real alignment, the organization’s goals and strategy must reinforce one another and this gives organization a clear sense of what to do within a given time frame , and it can give confident for Read More

Human Resource Management

Performance management is a process which is designed to improve organisational, team and individual performance and which is owned and driven by line managers – Michael Armstrong (Dransfield R, 2000: 69) In recent years, challenging economic conditions have stressed organizations, some to the breaking point. Rather than waiting for external improvements, such as market growth Read More

Managing the Manager

“The best leader-managers are those with real potential and are prepared to manage up the organization as well as downwards. If you don’t fancy it, then you’ll create your own glass ceiling … which might be absolutely fine, but might require you to get used to the sight of peers leaving you behind. ” (Delves) Read More

Levendary Café

Levendary cafe is a US-based fast food chain. Mia Foster is a CEO of Levendary cafe, who does not have international management experience. The Levendary cafe have their own concept and approach (delighting the customers) to obtain the US market. However, with the depression of domestic market, Levendary eyes the Chinese market to expansion. After Read More