HR Management Alignment

HR management alignment means linking organizational goals with the employee’s personal goals ( Boswell 2006 ). In order to achieve a real alignment, the organization’s goals and strategy must reinforce one another and this gives organization a clear sense of what to do within a given time frame , and it can give confident for Read More

Human Resource Management

Performance management is a process which is designed to improve organisational, team and individual performance and which is owned and driven by line managers – Michael Armstrong (Dransfield R, 2000: 69) In recent years, challenging economic conditions have stressed organizations, some to the breaking point. Rather than waiting for external improvements, such as market growth Read More

Theories of Organisational Behaviour Have No Relevance for the Modern Manager

The classical theorists were the early exponents of theories about management and organizational behaviour and they flourished in the latter part of the nineteenth and the early twentieth century. The classical theories were a product of their times and things are very different now. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that these theories are entirely irrelevant, which Read More

Managing the Manager

“The best leader-managers are those with real potential and are prepared to manage up the organization as well as downwards. If you don’t fancy it, then you’ll create your own glass ceiling … which might be absolutely fine, but might require you to get used to the sight of peers leaving you behind. ” (Delves) Read More

Levendary Café

Levendary cafe is a US-based fast food chain. Mia Foster is a CEO of Levendary cafe, who does not have international management experience. The Levendary cafe have their own concept and approach (delighting the customers) to obtain the US market. However, with the depression of domestic market, Levendary eyes the Chinese market to expansion. After Read More

The Challenges of Human Resource Management

The Impact of Information Technology on HR Management: Opportunities and Challenges Human Resource Management and the Impact of Information Technology Is the impact of information technology changing Human Resource Management? Information, technology impact is changing the whole concept of how the work place is managed, and I will point out the changes and enhancements to Read More

Gray Case: Moss and Mcadams Accounting Firm

1 . If you were Palmer at the end of the case, how would you respond? If I were in Palmer’s position, I would accept Sands and Olds choice and move on as the bottom line is to work towards accomplishing the organization’s goals. Considering the toll the situation had on Olds, it would be Read More

Integrating strategy and Human Resource Management

Is about how a business or organization can deal with situations as deregulation and ceilings on interest such as “People’s Bank”, a financial services company headquartered in Bridgeport, Connecticut where major changes took place to develop a market place orientation to Its products and services. The Internal and external structures of the financial service Implemented Read More

Strategic Management Process

There are many components of a strategic management process, but there are four main elements. According to Wheelen and Hunger, “strategic management consists of four basic elements: environment scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, evaluation and control” (2010). Environmental scanning is a broad look at things that pertain to the company. Many companies will do a Read More