Failure, the Mother of Success

Life, which is defined as the precious period of animate existence of an individual, is similar to a delicate collage that contains decorations of both failure and success. While we are all dedicating our lives to achieving the point of success, failures are indeed ineluctable and will consistently be the obstacles that we are destined Read More

Reasons to be cheerful

Imagine being away from loved ones for about five or six years. No one to talk your heart out with, no one to play your favourite games with and, most importantly, no one to be there to love you. But imagine the joy of actually seeing your loved ones again after about five years of Read More

Life is unfair

Don’t you just miss those times as a child when we use to ask for something and get it straight away? The world was controlled by our fingertips. Well, that’s what we believed in. But just that feeling of taking control was amazing. Right? Now it’s the complete opposite. We have to bend on our Read More

The Chase

There was a big butch of a man, who lived by himself in a small broke down apartment. He was unemployed apart from his night job, robberies. He went out for one day for a walk when he saw an old crooked lady wondering around the streets alone with a big brown bag. The man Read More

The Night That Changed My Life

It all started two and a half years ago. It was the night of my sixteenth birthday party. It was at my house and all my friends were there including my boyfriend, Jamie. It was a great night, like the ones you only think happen in the movies, with loads of brilliant music and everyone Read More

The Journey

Callie scuffed up her old Converse trainers along the laminated wooden floor, as she made her way down the steep carpet stairs. “Hurry up Callie, we won’t get there on time” she heart the stern voice of her mother shout from the front. Callie bluntly rolled her eyes as she reached the bottom of the Read More

Billy Leaves Home

Billy found it hard getting along at home or even at school, at school he didn’t hang out with anyone, he didn’t have any friends. He got into a fight with McDowel, one of his brothers friends. Were as at home he doesn’t get along with his brother and doesn’t have a good relationship with Read More

A Day in the life

Beeps! Beeps! Bebeep! Bebebebeep! The first noises I hear in the mornings, before I wallop the alarm with a tired fist. A brief feeling of relief washes over my mind; I know that I have eight more minutes of blissful silence, or so I think. Bong! The clang of the grandfather clock down in the Read More