Social Learning Theory

Social Learning Theory: Social Learning is on the nurture side of the Nature Vs Nurture debate. The main concept of the social learning approach is that you learn by observing the behaviour of others and the outcomes of those behaviours. For example, if a child was to see someone getting positively rewarded, they would copy Read More

Key influences on personal learning processes

This essay will be describing in detail a few of the many different influences that can and do have an effect on learning; some of these have influenced me personally. This essay is like a self analysis looking from the perspective of the learner. It will be looking at the work of some key theorists Read More

Learning process

In this assignment I will be discussing what my learning process is, in order to achieve his I will be explaining what influences by learning, theories of learning, skills for learning and what learning opportunities I have. The factors that influence my learning are; time constraints, learning style, learning environment, learning resources, attitude and self-discipline. Read More

Continuing Professional Development

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is quite simply a means of supporting people in the workplace to understand more about the environment in which they work, the job they do and how to do it better. It is an ongoing process throughout our working lives. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) can be defined as an on-going, planned Read More

Reflective review of knowledge and understanding

To human beings, learning is an instinctive and intricate process. It is in essence, an assiduous journey which starts the very second we enter this world. The role of education therefore is to augment and consolidate this learning process thereby equipping the learner with knowledge and understanding of the world around her/him. However, there are Read More

Case for Student Communication in Online Classes

“Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate, the way we live, and the way we learn. ” (Maddix; 2010). During these recent years web- based learning has gained so much popularity that, online courses enrolments continue to climb, but retention and completion rates In such courses and programs are lower than tradltlonal classroom schooling. Because Read More

Educational Technology

The word “technology” comes from the Greek word techne which means craft or art. Based on the etymology of the word “technology’, the term educational technology, therefore, refers to the art or craft of responding to our educational needs. Educational technology refers to how people use their inventions and discoveries to satisfy their educational needs Read More

Learning and Opinion

These days Internet based-courses have become a popular alternative to unlverslty based courses. Some students prefer this type of learning because they do not need to attend lectures. Others argue that it is important to study at university. Discuss both these views and give your opinion Nowadays IT progress provides a new way concerning education Read More

Theory Assignment

Every learner has the right to expect that they will receive high quality learning, appropriate to their needs and circumstances in a safe and healthy environment. (Success for All, DES 2002) We can promote inclusion, and equality and diversity by identifying the barriers and boundaries of the students. This will help a lot in overcoming Read More