Data Protection Act

There are many laws and acts that have been passed since the introduction of ICT to the mainstream audience; these exist to maintain the safety and efficiency of computer and internet use. These laws are applied in many different locations such as in the workplace, school, colleges, universities and public places such as libraries or Read More

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ICT and the Law

In this piece of coursework I will be talking about various laws and how they affect myself, Mr James (An Adult with a disability) and Mr Hulse (An adult in employment. There are 4 laws I will be concentrating on: * The DPA * Health and Safety * The CMA * The Copyright, Design and Read More

The UK copyright act of 1988

“It is difficult for intellectual property laws to keep pace with technology. When technological advances cause ambiguity in the law, courts rely on the law’s purposes to resolve that ambiguity. However, when technology gets too far ahead of the law, and it becomes difficult and awkward to apply the old principles, it is time for Read More

Consumer Law

The most useful dictionary definition of a ‘consumer’ is “someone who buys goods and services for personal use or need” (Chambers’ 21st Century Dictionary). All consumer transactions are based on the law of contract. The consumer agrees to purchase goods or services and the seller in return provide those goods or services. Every exchange of Read More

The case of Jones v Padavatton

The case of Jones v Padavatton concerned whether or not a legally enforceable contract existed between the parties, in this case a mother and daughter. The judgements of Salmon LJ and Fenton Atkinson LJ, although reaching the same conclusion have very different reasoning. Salmon LJ considered that two main factors needed to be addressed; whether Read More

Advise Denise

Denise is interested in breeding Dalmatians (a breed of dog). She looks round for a suitable female dog (known as a bitch), and goes to see Carl, who sells Dalmatian puppies with a fully documented pedigree going back three generations. After Carl explains the pedigree, including the fact that it includes Cruella, a former winner Read More

Contracting in a Digital Environment

It is surely correct to say that the elimination of the need for filing cabinets holding masses of paper is one of the long term goals of the current information technology age. The field of E-commerce offers us a working example of how this goal is being achieved on a daily basis. It is recognised Read More

Valley Homes v Ace Minerals Corp

Jones is a young, recently hired female salesperson working for Valley Homes, a small company manufacturing and selling prefabricated dwellings. They sell primarily to people wanting to build their own cabins and summer homes. Jones’ job consists in working out the designs with the customers, pricing that design, and then working out the specifics with Read More