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Germany Essay Examples

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Race History

The studies regarding the black German in both Weimar and Nazi periods has been shown in various publications in previous years of which Tina Campt’s study marks an essential shift. Not like any other published studies, “Other Germans” advances the history of black German from a feminist, diasporic, postcolonial angle by integrating the perceptions of…

The development of the West German party system since 1945 -1965

The West Germany democracy was as a result of the Germany’s economic recovery and the establishment of the German’s constitution. The British and the U. S bombers attacked the Germany city of Dresden which was crowded with German wounded and refugees in the February 13 and 15 1945. A German leader known as Sir Winston…

Why was there a reformation in Germany in the 16th century

In 1500, the Roman church was all powerful in Western Europe, there was no legal alternative. The jealousy the Catholic Church held guarded its position. Anyone who was deemed to be against the Catholic Church would be named as a ‘heretic’ and would be burnt at stake. They did not tolerate any deviance, they did…



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How far was Germany responsible for the outbreak of war in 1914

The outbreak of the First World War is a very contentious issue; historians have debated it ever since the war began. Some blame the alliance system of Europe and the dangers of it, some cite the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand as the principal cause, and some believe that guilt rests squarely on Germany’s shoulders….

Anti-Semitism in Germany before and after 1933

1. For what problems were the Jews treated as scapegoats by the Nazi Party in 1929 – 33? The Nazi Party treated the Jews as scapegoats for anything unfortunate that had happened involving Germany in the years after the outbreak of the First World War. Hitler accused the Jews of undermining the war effort, and…

How far did Germany undergo a Social Revolution

The question asks whether actions in Germany concerning the Nazi Party versus the state, the army, SS terror and violence, propaganda, propaganda and culture, education and youth, women and the church contributed to Germany undergoing a social revolution. Hitler claimed the “Nazi party has become the state”. This suggested that the church, army and civil…

How the Jews were discriminated against in Germany from 1933 to1939

In 1933, Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany as leader of the Nazi party. Over the six years following, he steadily brought in progressively drastic measures to limit the Jews in every section of their lives, bringing in legislation that limited their freedoms and took away many of their human rights. In this first…

Why Germany was treated in the way it was at Versailles

The most obvious reason to why Germany was treated in the way it was at Versailles is because the representatives of the country were not at the peace negotiations. The other countries would not allow them to be present, as these countries could then give severe punishments without having to argue with the German representatives…

The features of the economic crisis in Germany in 1923

The main feature of the economic crisis in Germany in 1923 was hyperinflation. The Germany currency, the mark, became almost worthless because Germany had to pay reparations of £6600 million to the allies. They printed thousands of notes, which meant that their value decreased. The more notes printed, the lower the value of the mark…

Why was there an economic crisis in Germany in 1923

There are several causes to the economic crisis in Germany in 1923. The Great War contributed greatly to this, but Germany’s problems had begun even before the War had started. In 1914 the German Government decided to come off of the ‘Gold Standard’. This was a system in which every bank note had an equivalent…

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