Authenticity Berlin

This report has been written as results of research before and during the fieldtrip in Berlin. It will focus on the theme of this case, namely authenticity, commodification and their relationship with tourism. The aim of this report is to find an answer to the problem statement: “In what sense can the tourism product of Read More

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Why was the Munich agreement signed

After the Anschluss (uniting of Germany an Austria), Czechoslovakia was trapped in a pincer-shaped Germany. Hitler openly admitted he wanted to gain control over the Sudetenland , as there were many native Germans living there at the time. He said that he needed to ‘rescue’ his Germans by October 1 and this left Europe on Read More

Chamberlain’s policy towards Germany

1. Study Source A What can you learn from Source A about Chamberlain’s policy towards Germany? From Source A, we learn that Chamberlain was evidently in “no position” and not ready to go to war with Germany. Chamberlain describes Germany as “a formidable power”, which suggests Chamberlain’s view of Germany’s strength and how strongly he Read More