The use of GMOs: A Critique, from the EFSA

Food is a necessity for life and its safety is incremental in today’s society. More and more our food is being grown in ever increasingly exotic places and in exotic ways. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) intends to keep all of our food safe for consumption. And to let our stakeholders make an informed Read More

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Should we eat meat

The moral argument of animal rights has been discussed for decades. There are many types of cruelty to animals, including vivisection and animal testing, eating meat, hunting and farming. Campaigners risk their lives to protect animals, but some people are totally opposed to the idea of rights for them. Although more than 25% of the Read More

Food requirements during different life stages

Baby’s 0 to 6 months In the first year of a baby’s life they will grow more than in any other year of their life, growing in length by 50 percent and weight by 300 percent. Breast milk commonly supplies a baby with the required amounts of nutrients, fluids and energy until about 6 months Read More

Genetically modified food

Zambia is currently facing a food crisis that threatens the lives of more than 2 million people. Despite pressure from formidable opponents such as the United States, the Zambian government has said ‘no’ to genetically modified foods. A number of countries in the region such as Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania had taken the same stance Read More


Kashrut is a key part of the dietary habits of Jews and they feel that it is very important to observe this. The only food that Jews can eat is kosher food, which means fitting or correct food that is in the state of being kosher is the only food, which Jews can eat. The Read More

The effective use of temperature control

Hundreds of years ago it was known that if food was not stored accurately the food would go off which therefore could lead to illness. Thus they acquired the ability to preserve food in such ways as salting, drying and freezing to suspend it from deteriorating through the action of bacteria, yeast’s and moulds. Food Read More

Organic food is overpriced, inefficient, inhumane and unhealthy

In the last decade we have seen the increased popularity of organic food and products, however many myths exist about organic farming – many, we could speculate, beginning from those manufacturing the chemicals and other products that organic farming outlaws. Organic farming is a positive movement, there is research and elemental proof that standard intensive Read More

The Beginnings of Mankind

The earth is now believed to be roughly six thousand million years old. In this vast extent of time, man and his ancestors have existed for about seven hundred and fifty thousand years, while civilized man – the man who cultivates his own food and has some form of community life has been on earth Read More