Malevolent Commandant

When I was a young child my father was my entire world. He was an adoring, compassionate and sympathetic dad, someone who you would desire. I appreciated and respected my dad more than anyone else. When I look back I have fond memories of when he taught me to ride my bike. It was a Read More

Family conflict

I never thought my younger brother Tom would get involved in drugs. He is only fourteen and he is mixing with the wrong crowd. My name is Phil and I have never done anything remotely like that I wouldn’t dream of it I am seventeen and Id like to think I’m mature enough to never Read More

Samantha’s thoughts

My relationship with my family is poor. They don’t understand me, because all of them are much older than me and they are more interested in their own benefit than in me. Even my parents don’t care about me. I don’t even communicate with my father. As a person he seems to me weak, but Read More

How does social pressures affect the family

There are many social pressures that affect today’s family, not only in the Bahamas, but also all over the world. Some of these pressures are: unemployment, lack of finance, and alcoholism just to name a few. Social pressures such as domestic violence and substance abuse have resulted in an increased crime rate in the Bahamas. Read More

Family Support Resource Services

This relatively new service started January 2004 in response to the ‘Every Child Matters’ Green Paper, which advocates a universal children and family service. It is a Lancashire County Council initiative. This service was established as it was felt that there was an over-reliance on residential care, and the family centre and nursery services previously Read More

Industrialisation and the family

Industrialisation took place in the late 18th century and early 19th century, but in Britain industrial revolution began in 1750. It brought many important changes to the world societies. A manual labour world economy changed into a machine based economy this also led to urbanisation, as population became concentrated in large urban areas rather than Read More

The modern family is becoming more diverse

For many years society’s conception of a normal family consisted of a man and women living together, who are married and having sexual relations. Having produced children together, or having adopted children, this being known as a nuclear family and was claimed as a vital unit in British society. The father would take on the Read More

Family and Household

“Women are continually being exploited and subjected by men” according to feminist sociologists Delphy and Leonard. Men gain the power to exploit women through the segregated roles we have in the patriarchal society today. They found that ‘husbands make little contribution to housework.’ However Functionalists Young and Willmott oppose this view. They found that ‘75% Read More