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The concepts of what is bad and what is evil

In today’s society, there is a tendency to associate the concepts of what is bad and what is evil. Only in cases of acute malevolence are we inclined to delineate evil as the more severe condemnation. The only certainty in popular morality is an opposition between the forces of good and evil. In The Fundamental Read More

Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics

Virtue ethics denies that any ethical theories or systems are valid, relevant, adequate or helpful. It is not a normative branch of philosophy, like Utilitarian or Kantian ethics. As its name suggests, it calls upon the character of a person (moral agent) to deal with the moral problem instead of applying some fixed set of Read More

What is Christian ethics

The term ethics deals with what is morally ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Christian ethics therefore, deals with what is morally right or wrong for a Christian. There are several distinguishing characteristics of Christian ethics, each of which play a vital role to its analysis. Some Christians will base their ethics solely on the Bible and its Read More

What are the ethical issues involved as a result of using biotechnology in cases of infertility

Biotechnological methods producing human embryos have been evolving since 1978 where the first test-tube baby was born. This involves the fusion of gametes outside the human body and is a technique known as In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF). Of course, this method is worth considering in cases of infertility but this also brings up many implications and issues Read More

Virtue Ethics

1. In what ways did the historical context from which virtue ethics emerged shape its basic principles? Presocratics, regarded as the first philosophers, brought the term logos to philosophy (literal translation: ‘word’; also denotes ‘logic’, ‘argument’, ‘reason’. Aristotle’s concept of Virtue Ethics regards humans as rational animals, implying that ‘logos’ is purely a human trait. Read More

What is Ethics

Ethics originates from the Greek word ethos (meaning a habit or custom), but there is much speculation as to where it originated from. Many people believe that, in essence, there exists a universe of ethics created by g-d. To those holding that belief, answers to questions about the ethics of redirecting evolution have always been Read More