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Economy Essay Examples

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Shadow economy

A shadow economy can as well be referred as an underground economy, parallel or underdog economy. They are terms made to define a market area in which commerce activities are carried through with a total evasion of regulations of trade and applicable taxes. This type of economy covers a vast array of activities in the…

Small Is Beautiful

The role of the economists in the world is to grow or maintain the grace of it’s state’s economy. They are the ones who take care of the standing of their currency, as well as the stock markets, the marketing status… and everything that has relation to economy, that is their concern. “[A modern economist]…

The Yugopluralist Model

In contrast to reform in COMECON (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance) nations, policy changes in the former Yugoslavia were initiated at the local level. This resulted in an economic model unique to Yugoslavia, and a function of its pluralism. Dana (1994d) explains how the Yugopluralist model was a result of a week central government and…



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Leisure and recreation

All leisure industries have an impact on the national economy as they all hire staff who claim there wages and in turn spend it. Also the companies circulate money around the industry. The scale and significance of the leisure and recreation industry has a huge importance for these three reasons- * It gives support for…

Assess the contribution of Aid to the development of recipient countries

Aid is the giving of resources from one country to another and it can take many forms, Development aid is given to help a country develop its economy or services in an effort to improve the quality of life for all people in the recipient country. There is Emergency aid this is given after a…

The early 1900’s, earnings from nitrate exports fueled industrial growth in Chile

Chile remained neutral during World War I (1914-1918). The nation’s economy boomed because of the wartime demand for nitrates, which were used to make explosives. After the war, Germany began to export synthetic nitrates, and Chile’s export market collapsed. Unemployment surged. Strikes and riots disrupted the presidential election campaign of 1920. Many middle-class people joined…

The economy is in trouble

The economy is getting so bad in the United States that everyone is starting to notice it. From gas prices to business, the changes are becoming more and more noticeable to all kinds of people. People are constantly talking about it everyday. There are rumors that there will be a so called “civil war” between…

The importance of the SME to the modern UK economy

In this assignment I am going to discuss the importance of the SME to the modern UK economy. I will examine innovative and non-innovative SMEs to illustrate my points. The importance of SMEs is clear in the modern UK economy. They provide ideas, products/service, jobs and also contribute to the wealth of our economy. SMEs…

Do the Benefits of Joining the Euro Outweigh the Disadvantages

The changeover to euro notes and coins is now complete across a ‘eurozone’ of 300 million people, for the majority of British people the debate over whether to adopt the single currency is just getting started. For most people in the UK the decision will not be an easy one. With those who have already…

The link between saving, investment and economic growth

Saving, investment and economic growth. Each of these terms are mentioned in daily news and each of these terms is commonly accepted and well-known; separately. What most people are not aware of; however, are mutual connections between these economic indicators and this is what this paper tries to survey. The first section looks at the…

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