Chicago school

The work of the Chicago school during the period from the 1910’s to the 1930’s has become some of the most influential work surrounding area based criminology. This paper will discuss the work of the Chicago school, and examine whether high crime areas are more prone to criminality due to their inhabitants, or are the Read More

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Criminal Thinking Patterns

A) There are many theories which psychologists have found to help explain and understand criminal thinking patterns. The information Processing Approach or the rational choice theory proposes hat criminals think about their actions and do a cost and reward analysis. Van Den Haag suggests that there is no difference between the decision to become a Read More

In order to attempt to control crime it is important to understand why people commit crimes

Albert Reiss was one of the earliest criminologists to study control theories. Reiss maintained that present in juvenile delinquents was an under developed super-ego. The super-ego, developed by Freud, is the aspect of the mind which controls conscience. This then resulted in a reduced level of conscience and therefore, led to delinquency. Reiss’ theory was Read More

Charles Clarke, violent offenders

In this essay, I aim to explore and critically examine both the negative and positive elements of this proposed violent offenders’ order and register. I will start by introducing the existing violent and sex offender register that this proposal could be based on. I will go on to discuss who might identify the people targeted Read More