Result Crimes

Causation is an element of ‘Result Crimes’, in which the conduct itself does not constitute a crime, for example, shooting a gun, but rather the conduct along with it’s harmful consequence, for example, shooting a gun at a person and the person dying. It is this gap between the conduct and harmful result, which gives Read More

Women in Crime

The topic ‘Women in Crime’ was based on Ruth Ellis, Mary Bristow and Susan Poole who were involved in crime. To start off we looked at fact sheets on ‘Women in Prison’. It was disappointing to learn only 10% of Police Officers are female. We looked at an article on Ruth Ellis. She was the Read More

Are Crime Facts Really Myths

Crime myths and facts are often confused. Crime myths are created when the media, government and other influential figures sensationalise particular incidents that occur within the community. Although there are many similarities between the “myths” and “facts” the distortion of the two are prominent when studied through surveys and police reports. “crime facts” could be Read More

British criminology

The rise in crime and the increase in the number of offenders had a profound effect on the working principles occurring in the criminal justice system and the academic theory occurring within criminology. The widespread nature of crime, its very normality, makes the search for causes less attractive. The new administrative criminology openly criticises ‘dispositional’ Read More

Defining Crime In Psychology

Every human society throughout time has understood that there are actions and beliefs that are morally wrong, but different cultures have different opinions on what is criminal. For example, the newspaper article I have chosen to study for this paper is about the dismembered torso of a young African boy, which was found in the Read More

Orwellian response to prejudice

George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ is a fictional story in which the government attempts to control the speech, actions and even the thoughts of the public. Unacceptable thoughts are a breach of the law and are called ‘thought crimes’. An ‘Orwellian response to prejudice’ is therefore one in which the state regulates every aspect of social Read More

Gun crime

In this research project I am going to look at how gun crime affects the way the society is running and also how violence, drugs and other criminal offences etc control each any every ones life in some way. This is an important issue in sociology because people believe in laws and the government can Read More