Business Analysis of the Star City Complex

Star City is a newly built complex which is a business which provides more then entertainment. Star City has a 30-screen cinema complex and seats up to 5823 people. That is only the cinema complex. It can also accompany for all of the shops and the other types of entertainment that it offers. Its main Read More

Types of business

The fire service is a national based service but has individual bases. This is a public service has it is run by the government and own by the economy. Roughly there are 45,000 people working within the fire service all around the country. There are around 1500 fire stations in the United Kingdom, and they Read More

The Changing Objectives of a Business as it grows

A business’s objectives determine the central aim or target of the specific corporate with regards to guidelines to a clearer management tactic or processes. Every firm in the market establishes itself inside the economy with the inclusion of different objectives that pave the pathways to a firm’s board or mark. This facilitates decision-making processes, or Read More

Business Ownership

When a business is being set up, the proprietor(s) will decide what type of business ownership to follow. Business ownership will alter for expansion, liability and legal purposes. In this assignment, I will be addressing each category of business ownership, giving advantages and disadvantages in addition to business examples. There are six different forms of Read More

PEST Analysis

Pest Analysis is a way looking at how external factors will affect the business. ‘PEST’ stands for Political, Economical, Social and Technological issues. Political issues involve how different laws affect a business, for instance Trades Description Act. Economic Issues involve how the state of the economy affects businesses, e.g. interest rates. Social issues look at Read More

Business Aims and Objectives and the Marketing Mix

What defines an aim is a long term cooperate aim that an organization intends to achieve; it’s the overall purpose. For instance, a business may want to make additional income in comparison to the previous year. In addition to this corporate aim, a business might consider increasing their receipts by putting offers on specific products Read More