Business Competition

There have often been over the year’s external influences, which have affected the business. Some random some not, for example the collapse of the twin towers, due to a terrorist attack in America on 11th September 2001 had a huge affect on the travel industry. This external influences would of certainly affected EasyJet, even though Read More

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Making RAD Work for Projects

1. Introduction: – Brief overview: RAD is an innovative approach and methodology to facilitate speed and quality of the project to better meet the expectation of the user. – How it achieve speed and quality: By iterative prototyping and intergrating user as part of the development group. Also use concurrent development process and cutting down Read More

When developing successful business strategies is it more important to have a clear sense of purpose than to undertake detailed analysis

In modern day business, the majority of organisations operate in line with a business strategy that aims to achieve the desired goals of the company, such as maximising profits, increasing shareholder wealth, or gaining a larger market share. Such strategies are therefore by no means similar for each separate organisation even if they have the Read More

Formulating a Feasible Business Strategy to Start the Business in the Home Entertainment Industry

A business opportunity has inspired me to start my own business in the home entertainment industry. The business in the industry will be performed by globally selling DVD and CD products, which can be described as physical containers of entertainment elements from film, music and game studios. For acquiring information of the opportunities and possibilities Read More

E-business models and analysis

With between 100 and 130 million bicycles manufactured each year (Management Science, Dec 2001) the world bicycle market can be divided into low-end bicycles (below $300) and high-end bicycles (over $300). Low end bicycles include children’s bicycles and bicycles used for basic transportation. High-end bicycles are primarily adult bicycles used for rigorous recreational activities. If Read More

Application and Evaluation of SSM as a Problem Solving Methodology

Introduction: Soft System methodology: The soft system methodology (SSM) from Peter Checkland is a qualitative technique that can be used in for applying System Thinking to non-systematic situations. It is way of dealing with problem situations in which there is high social, political and human activity component. This distinguishes SSM from other methodologies which deal Read More

The Strategic Competence of Small Businesses

The general investigative focus of our research paper is on the market. More specifically, we narrow our focus on the question as to whether there is something like a specific strategic competence of small firms. Our initial hypothesis is that small firms have a very different “strategic competence” as compared to large firms. An extensive Read More

Applied business

The CO-OP main external influences are the suppliers that give them the raw materials and manufactured products that they use to produce all the various products that the company sells, they also supply them with ready made products that the company sells. The company has much opposition as the demand for day to day groceries Read More