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Britain Essay Examples

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The British Electoral System

A system of simple plurality or ‘First Past the Post’ [FPTP] as it is more commonly known has long been in place in Britain. Its advantages are clear. FPTP is a process renowned for its ease of understanding, as well as its ability to produce strong stable government. However it is not without its critics,…

Should Britain Join the Euro

One of the primary arguments against joining is that there are severe structural differences between the members’ economies. These may well undermine the success of the project, meaning Britain would do well to stay out. There is no guarantee that the Euro will be successful, and this is a key issue to consider when assessing…

Account for Lloyd George’s fall from office in 1922

Lloyd George became Prime Minister in 1916, with the formation of a coalition government, between the Liberals, Labour and the Conservatives. Unfortunately, the outbreak of World War One had divided the liberals. The then Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith had begun to loose his grip as a formidable political figure and when the option of creating…



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To what extent was there a decline in British power in the period 1919 to 1945

For an adequate explanation of British power declining during the period 1919 to 1945, it is essential to recognise Britain as part of a larger metamorphosis of European power. In 1919, Britain seemed to have emerged from the First World War in a very strong position. Ending the war with an army of 5,500,000 men,…

Trading companies – The British Empire

Apart from just trading companies, other causes in the early years allowed the British Empire to be succesful. Some of this included the Royal Navy, the Wars and the Government. Trading companies played a vital role in the growth of the British Empire. In whole, trading companies helped create footholds and settlements on various different…

James I had more success with his 3rd and 4th parliaments than he had with his 1st and 2nd

The relationship between king and Parliament steadily eroded. Extravagant spending (particularly on James’ favourites), inflation and bungled foreign policies discredited James in the eyes of Parliament. Parliament refused to give funds to a king who ignored their concerns and were annoyed by rewards given to favourites and great amounts spent on decoration. James had enormous…

Is the assertion that Britain was Splendidly Isolated in the latter years of the 19th Century, true

The term “Splendid Isolation” was not entirely true, nor was it entirely false. Britain was of course isolated, but this isolation that Britain was going through was not splendid. It left Britain friendless, and without allies in Europe. Britain had to avoid war, as a war would inevitably lead to the collapse of the British…

To what extent was British involvement in the partition of Africa a product of economic motives

Britain became involved in Africa in the late 19th century mainly for economic reasons as it had vast supplies of raw materials and it allowed British markets to expand. There were however political and strategic interests which acted as trigger actions, changing Britain’s empire in Africa from a formal one to an informal one. British…

British dominance was unrivalled during the period of 1850-1929

The extent in which Britain dominated during the period of 1850-1929 is an ambiguous field of exploration, as well as the word dominance itself. The impact that Britain played throughout this time does perhaps, suggest that countries across the world portrayed a vast amount of subservience in areas such as economic strength, the Empire that…

Was the Munich Settlement a disaster for Britain in 1938

The Munich Settlement of September 1938 has a much divided response with historians today. On the one hand it could be said that it was disastrous as it not only gave Hitler further sign of British weakness, it also importantly strengthened the German army as agreed with in Source 7, which is true as in…

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