Greek Art and Architecture

Greek society was centered on the “polis” or city-state, and it dictated what was acceptable and not. It had limitations that prevented certain members of society to partake in social life, like the women. They were not granted citizenship; it was reserved only for males. This gendered perception led to various by-products. Women had to Read More

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Visual Arts Building

It poses a challenge to distill down a person’s complicated life into only a few minutes, but can it be boiled down into a catalogue of photomontages? According to Jana Miller, yes. On Friday, August 29, 2008, from 6:30-9:00 p. m. at the Visual Arts Building on campus of the University of Texas at Dallas, Read More

The Escapement of Art From the Musuem

Is it possible for art to escape the museum? Is it desirable? These are the questions I shall hopefully answer in this essay. The first answer is yes, it is possible for art to escape the museum. Phew, that’s half the essay done with. I hope the rest of it’s going to be this easy. Read More

Scopic regimes of modernity

Centuries of studying visuality has given birth to several methods of visual analysis. These “scopic regimes” as defined by Jay are quite simply systems for organizing vision. This essay will focus on the two main systems discussed by Jay: Renaissance and Baroque. Both systems arose during similar time frames, and consequently contain some similarities. Yet, Read More

Pop Art

I first got to know about Andy Warhol and Pop Art at the same time, when I was about 15 years old and got a diary with Warhol`s pictures, as a present. I was amazed by the pictures and photos, which said so much about the nowadays society. When that year was over and so Read More

Cubism Characteristics

‘Will no-one stand up to assert the consciousness of having an aesthetic conscience of his own and bring some spontaneous echo of his inner being, some genuinely individual contributory to the furnishing of his own home. ‘1 This essay aims to unravel the possible ‘essential characteristics’ of each discipline in order to determine the credibility Read More