Cubism Characteristics

‘Will no-one stand up to assert the consciousness of having an aesthetic conscience of his own and bring some spontaneous echo of his inner being, some genuinely individual contributory to the furnishing of his own home. ‘1 This essay aims to unravel the possible ‘essential characteristics’ of each discipline in order to determine the credibility Read More

David’s Depiction of The Death of Marat

During the late eighteenth century French citizens were deep into fighting for a republic. Problems began when, the third estate started to fight for a horizontal form of government instead of the vertical monarchy that was taking place. To overthrow the monarchy the third estate formed the National Assembly and announced the end of feudalism Read More

How Monet & Klimt have approached natural landscapes

To help with my artwork, I decided to look at some work by known artists. I wanted to build knowledge of ways that other artists tackle natural forms, scenes from nature and the countryside. I decided to look at the work by Claude Monet, ‘Le Bassin Des Nympheas’ (Bridge over a pool of water lilies), Read More

Analysis of Abstract Art

The picture I have studied is called landscape with trees. The picture has been painted in dull greys and browns and solid black lines. There are lots of sharp angles and the faint outline of houses. The painting has a gloomy atmosphere to it and it looks like a rainy day. I think the picture Read More

African Art- Cameroon Grasslands

African art stands out from most other art forms found around the world. African art is so unique because of the unusual supplies that are used to create the art such as beads, shells, and wood. The use of different carvings and different statues created also benefit to African art’s distinctive style. However, every region Read More

The work of two still life painters from different periods

Many painters over the years have created stunning works of art which come under the wide term of ‘still life’. Subject mater for this type of Art varies from flowers to cats and teapots. Different artists approach this type of art using very different techniques, media and varied use of colour. There are specific movements Read More

Still Life

The two thought-provoking video-stills displayed above portray the work of contempory artist Sam Taylor-Woods. Wood’s vanita “Still Life” excellently depicts the universal themes of the transiency of life and the elapsing of time. The video’s subject matters consist of the classic bowl of fruit and a cheap plastic ballpoint pen. The bowl of fruit is Read More