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My Arguments For and Against Abortion

Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. The termination of an unborn child. Some people are very against abortion and think it is wrong to even think about stopping the life of an unborn child and others believe within in reason it should be permissible. The unborn human is still a human life and in Read More

Adoption Is An Option

The idea of abortions has seemed to sweep through the United States throughout the past decade. The number of abortions has increased to surprising levels, and America has made abortions very accessible to its citizens. According to the latest statistics from www.Prolife.org, abortion rates have risen from 744,600 in 1973, when Roe v.s. Wade first Read More

Abortion and Euthanasia Question

Christians hold a strong responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their lives there for abortion and euthanasia are very important issues. Roman Catholics believe that abortion which is killing an unborn child is wrong because they believe life starts at conception so someone who commits abortion is killing a life. Christians also Read More

Abortion is never justified

Abortion is a sensitive and very real subject for everybody who has to deal with it. I don’t fully agree with this statement. I believe in the ‘pro choice’ campaign that allows women to have the right to have an abortion but for the right reasons. There are many situations in life when an abortion Read More

Abortion is a massive issue

The word Abortion means the termination of a pregnancy before the foetus is able to survive outside the mother, or is considered legally viable. An abortion takes place after a baby has been conceived through sexual intercourse. Certain precautions can be taken before a baby is conceived; therefore an abortion would not be used. These Read More

Human rights – abortion

The right to abortion has been recognised in the USA since 1973, following the Supreme Court decision of Roe v Wade. The decision was seven judges to two, so was a clear majority. Despite this it is still a very controversial decision that is continually facing attack, even now on its 30th anniversary. In this Read More

Human life

All Christians believe that nothing in our experience has the same value as human life. The birth of a child brings great delight, just as the death of someone we love brings great suffering and sadness. In the face of death life becomes very precious. But in spite of all this care for life, violence Read More

Abortion discussion

The word abortion means someone leaving something like aborting a boat but in this instance I will be talking about aborting her baby(s). Women give up there children before they are born when they are just a little egg. The law says that after 24 days this process cannot be taken place for the woman, Read More

Abortion Report

Abortion is deliberate termination of a pregnancy at some point between conception and birth. There are three stages of development, defined as, Pre-embryo (conception-14 days), Embryo (14 days to 8 weeks) and Foetus (8 weeks onwards). Abortion raises much debate among many people; some are pro choice whilst others remain pro life. In this assignment Read More