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Good morning! Today, I am here to talk to you all about Fantasy Football. So, who here knows who Arian Foster is? Well this year, he was the average number #1 draft pick in FFB leagues. Who here knows who Tim Tebow is? His average draft position was 163rd this year in Fantasy Football. *Now, I’m going to go through why this is, how FFB works, and why it is so popular today in America. Every American who has that dire love for football probably has that dream to manage a professional team.

Well, FFB lets that Dream come alive. It gives the power to the average American to compose a team of professional NFL players and compete against other teams managed by friends and strangers. Succeeding in FFB comes with business tactics of a general manager, knowledge of a pro scout, and strategy of a head coach. How does it work? Each league contains anywhere from 8 to 14 teams run by average Joes like you and.

There is a commissioner who runs the league and acts like Roger Goodell, the real commissioner of the NFL. Every league starts with a draft that takes place prior to the beginning of the NFL season. Each manager in the league drafts NFL athletes to their team usually, 1 QB, 2-3 RBs, 3-4 WRs, 1 TE, 1 DEF, and 1 K to their fantasy team and every week, one fantasy team plays another (kind of like how the Saints played the Eagles last night). Going back to my original scenario, it is any FFB players dream to have Arian Foster on their team, while Tim Tebow is a different story because FFB is based off something called “Fantasy points” An NFL player earns fantasy points based off of their weekly performance in the real NFL games, which are then attributed to the fantasy owner who has them on his/her team.

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For example, I have Tom Brady on my team sol get points for every touchdown he throws and a fixed number of points for the yardage that he throws for.

A touchdown is usually worth 6 points and 10 rushing yards is worth 1 point, but all of this differs depending on the format of the league. All these points add up and by the end of the week and the fantasy team that has more points wins the matchup. Each fantasy team goes week to week playing different fantasy teams and then they go through playoffs and then there is a champion by the final week of the regular season of the NFL. What makes it so popular? In my personal experience, FFB is the way guys escape reality, which contributes to the name Fantasy football. There is Draft Day, which is like a holiday to some guys, it consists of everyone in the league getting together and drafting their team for that season. We trash talk each other’s picks and throughout the season will trash talk each other on the League discussion board, Facebook, Twitter, or face to face.

Besides doing FFB for fun, gambling takes place during the entire process. It ultimately gives everyone in the league something to play for besides pride. For example in one of my fantasy leagues, we each put 100 dollars down for the season, and there are 12 teams so the winner gets 1000 dollars while second place gets 200. There may even be informal bets that are placed on weekly matchups like in the TV show The League, one of the guys bet the name rights of his newborn baby on a FFB matchup. For those of you that don’t know, The League is a Comedy show on FX about six friends who are Fantasy Football addicts and base their life around the league they are in. As you can see FFB is controlling of some peoples lives, and in a way, it’s like the male version of a women’s addiction to Facebook or lnstagram.

You can invest as much or as little time as you want into it but It is something to do that is fun and competitive, very addicting, and makes you feel like every Sunday is actually your game day. It may be called fantasy, but it is very real to those who actively participate. I hope I have cleared up some of the confusion of Fantasy Football to a lot of you and helped explain why most men are couch potatoes that watch football for the entire day Sunday. FFB also isn’t sexist so guys and girls, if you haven’t tried Fantasy Football and want to really understand the fascination, join a free league next year and you mightjust become a Fantasy Football addict like myself. Thank you

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