To Scherr, Toma and Schuster

The main focus of this study is the research question. How does people using social media and those who use Facebook Surveillance and Facebook Envy affect one’s individual health and human being? The hypothesis in this article becomes developed as depressed humans individually tend to experience a great extent of some sort of stress and emotional behavior in the text of admiring sociable encounters. The dependent variable in this study I believe would be the Facebook users, while the independent variable would be the voluntary individuals who participated in this study.

The participants in this study were individuals that ranged starting from age 14 and up, and they chose both men and women.

The materials used in this study were an online two way panel survey. They participated in this and the first wave consisted of 1,530 people. In the second wave however, there were only 841 people. The procedures used in this study were getting the sample of the individuals, finding out who indicated to use Facebook 4 weeks prior, and then recording the results.

Getting these records to me is a highly important concept because this problem affects so many people worldwide. The results in this article were presented in an analysis procedure using a cross-lagged panel. It consisted of unweighted data, and a likelihood estimator. The results measured in cross lagged models, every individual is their own control and results can be suitable to the relationship between changes in a person. Simularily, in the study the focal dependent variables ranged from 39% for Facebook surveillance to 56% for depression.

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  The researchers found that people who scored high in depression were most likely to come in contact with Facebook surveillance.

These results prove that most people suffer the devastation of the word depression. Facebook surveillance tends to be a major stress reliever for people who have tendencies of depression. Basically what facebook surveillance is, is going onto friends or family’s profiles and looking at what they post daily. This can be extremely useful for those people who fight the battle with daily negative thoughts. Facebook surveillance can also help millions of people return to the state of positive thoughts. The discussion consists of what the researchers discussed after the results and procedure was done. Now you can see how Facebook surveillance and envy affects one’s perspective and emotions using social media. The findings showed a great deal of people who scored high in depression and that envy is unpleasant for people who have depressive tendencies. The implications within this research were to show who engages in Facebook surveillance and Facebook Envy. Not only was it to show who engages in them, but also to show the results and findings of this daily situation.

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